&%$# People Say

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Unless you’re living under the same rock as those poor boulder-dwellers in the insurance commercials who only come out to look at billboards, in which case you probably don’t get that reference either, you’ve seen the “Shit _____ Say” or “Shit _____ Say to ______” videos that have been popping up all over the internet lately.

The seed for these viral videos was planted back in 2009, with the Twitter account @ShitMyDadSays, which then became a hit television show watched by the thousands of awful humans who don’t appreciate 30 Rock. Then, in April of 2011, a couple of funny Canucks started the Twitter account @ShitGirlsSay, and followed that up with a YouTube version with a Juliette Lewis cameo, and people ate that shit up!

Now there are approximately 8,645,3476 variations on just what shit which people (or cats) say, sometimes to certain other people and other times just in general. People say shit, is the point.

(Aside: Isn’t it weird how a word loses its meaning when you use is a lot? Shit shit shit. It’s like, abstract to me now. Anyway.)

So let’s take a look at some of this… stuff, yeah? Starting with the original.

Funny! And now, the parodies. These are just a sampling of what I’ve seen. There are many, many more.

1. Shit Gay Guys Say to Their Cats

2. Shit Straight Girls Say to Lesbians

3. Shit Black Gays Say

4. Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys

5. Shit Straight Guys Say to Gay Guys

6. Shit Rancid Gay Guys Say

And for the nerds in the house….

7. Shit Princesses Say

So, as you can see, women be shopping! I mean, people talk, and say they things. So, even though it’s been fun, maybe it’s time to move on to something else? If you think about, every fictional narrative is about what people say. Like, the popular webseries “Very Mary Kate” could very well be “Shit Mary Kate Says,” but it’s not called that because it’s something original, and it’s based on a specific set of personality traits rather than some generalized assumptions. Original is always better! Just ask the Goddess Isis. She loves her original recipe.

So, if you’re doing your own version of “Shit _____ Say” just stop it right now, because as much fun as we’ve enjoyed our time together saying shit, this shit is getting a little T-I-Red. See below.

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