Sashay & Chante take on Season 4

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Sashay: Ok, first of all, can we get a queen to represent Philly?

Chante: We’d probably have a better chance of winning Ru’s competition than getting to the SuperBowl.

Sashay: Plus, we gotta have some UArts flunkies in this town who could throw down… no shade.

Chante: Well girl, I think my “first of all” has got to be Shangela poppin’ outta that box. Giiiiirrrrlll, you know how I feel about that queen. Thank goodness Ru sent her packin.

Sashay: I heard that. I was hoping there was another pit crew hottie in that box.

Chante: Mmm hmm…and that pit crew is scrum-diddly-umtious!

Sashay: Agreed. Moving on, I’m very impressed with the $100,000 prize. But what these girls really need are some health benefits (i.e. dental coverage).

Chante: Ain’t that the truth, Sashay…ain’t that the truth. I have not seen more busted teeth than when I’m visiting home in North Philly.

Sashay: Shout out to North Philly!

Chante: Holla!

Sashay: I haven’t seen grills that busted up since that twenty car pile up on 95.

Chante: Talkin’ about busted…this year’s queens are just rough. I think Ru took a step down with the quality of the ladies.

Sashay: True, and even as boys they’re a little disappointing. Why do they all look like Fat Albert characters wearing those stupid knit caps all day?

Chante: Watch out for the big girls!!!

Sashay: Honey, you ain’t neva told a lie!”

Chante: Mmm hmm. I think we’re really gonna have to watch out for this year’s plus sized queens. Ru hasn’t ever included so many…I think one of them might just take the cake…or eat it.

Sashay: Speaking of sweet things, I think little Miss Kenya is adorable. Who caught your eye last night Chante?

Chante: Now I know you’re most likely going to disagree girl, but I think Sharon Needles is going to steal the show this year. She’s different and the judges are intrigued methinks.

Sashay: Girrrrl, don’t be using big words like “methinks.” Any who, I agree. Sharon Needles has already proven she has talent.

Chante: Oooo, girl! I think hell just froze over…we just agreed on something.

Sashay: It’s still early in the season boo. I’ll save the drama for next week.

Chante: Yes mama. Sharon’s one to look out for. I think my prediction for top three to watch would be Sharon, Latrice Royale and The Princess.

Sashay: Quite the early prediction Chante. I wouldn’t be so quick to overlook Chad Michaels too. She’s channeling past queens like Raven and Chanel.

Chante: Oh agreed…I am definitely not counting Chad Michaels out yet. Who I AM counting out is Jiggly Caliente. What. A. Hot. Mess.

Sashay: And if you’re gonna be a hot mess, then own it. This bitch is complaining because she doesn’t know how to sew. Then Lashaun Beyond is whining because she doesn’t know how to put on makeup. Where did they find these girls? Maybe they need to attend Drag U.

Chante: Can I get an Amen up in here???

Sashay: Amen!

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