Rupaul’s Drag Race – Episode 2

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Well drag racers, get your engines started because Sashay and Chante are just revving up.

Chante: Well where to begin? This week the queens impressed us with their wrestling prowess. And guurrrllll was I worried Kenya wouldn’t survive!

Sashay: Yes ma’am, but that little princesa killed it.

Chante: Yes hontey! The Latinas brought it this week. Madame LaQueer and Kenya stole the show.

Sashay: I really think Ru had it wrong though. Kenya and Latrice should have won this challenge.

Chante: Agreed. I was thoroughly entertained with their performance. Although Chad Michaels and Madame LaQueer did bring it.

Sashay: On another note, Chante who do you think is the cutest boy out of drag?

Chante: The Princess, hands down. Girl, would I want to get to know him…in or out of drag!

Sashay: Surprise surprise… you did always like those strong silent types. I think I would have to pick Phi Phi.

Chante: Well, I can’t deny that Phi Phi O’Hara is very cute as well, but I CANNOT stand her attitude. Girlfriend is just plain old mean!

Sashay: And I will see her the Tuesday after she wins that $100,000 prize.

Chante: Oh heellll no! Phi Phi is not destined for the crown as far as I’m concerned.

Sashay: Agreed. However, I still think she will go far.

Chante: Changing subjects…who’s your least favorite of the queens right now?

Sashay: As a queen or a person?

Chante: Both.

Sashay: Oooh girl, NO you didn’t just ask me to start reading bitches.

Chante: Read hontey. Read.

Sashay: You asked for it. I’m sorry but the Princess needs to step it up. Why be the Princess when you can be the mutha-fucking queen. Her orange wig made her look like the spawn of Ronald McDonald and Wendy. She needs to step it up before she starts fading like her natural hairline.

Chante: Oooo, girl! Well I asked you to read and damn…you didn’t hold back!

Sashay: Don’t ask a bitch to read unless you want to hear a story. Who’s your least favorite queen?

Chante: Work! Two words – Jiggly Caliente. Not only is she hard on the eyes, but she has a shitty personality to boot. I will be “Halleloo’ing” to the high heavens when Jiggly gets sent packin’!

Sashay: I hear you girl. Who is she to judge two queens that want to partake in ki ki?

Chante: Preach hontey. Preach.

Sashay: I’d have to say that Madame LaQueer rubbed me the wrong way by complaining about her ankle.

Chante: Yes. If she and Jiggly have the nerve to be big, then own it! Don’t use it as a crutch.

Sashay: Or if you’re going to use it as a crutch, don’t complain about it.

Chante: They could learn a thing or two from Latrice Royale. I said it last week and I’ll say it again…that queen is one to watch out for.

Sashay: Agreed.

Chante: And hontey, what about the judges this season?

Sashay: I think I might have popped my tuck if I saw Rick Fox sitting there at the end of the runway.

Chante: Oh I bet you would…Rick Fox is right up your back alley.

Sashay: Any judges you’re looking forward to seeing?

Chante: I’d have to say Amber Riley from Glee…she’s on next week!

Sashay: Can I get an amen?

Chante: Amen girl!

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