Circus of the Stars, Tears, Booze, and Boobs

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Was I the only one that completely thought that the Circus of the Stars’ finale would ultimately give the crown to a Drag Queen? With collaborators Brandon Barlieb and Nathan Walk, known as Mrs. P to you “drag enthusiasts,” I was ready to write up a column telling everyone how I thought the show was evidently rigged. Boy was I wrong…for once.

Last night’s theme seemed to be all about the boobs. From drag kings swinging their tassels, to drag queen nip slips, I thought I missed a memo when I walked in with a long sleeved shirt on! The house was packed, the judges were tough and the contestants were definitely talented. The crown however went to up and coming photographer Jonathan Hernandez, belting out vocals that had quite a few in tears (I’m sure the booze intake certainly didn’t help those individuals’ cases). It wasn’t without a close margin though, with a quick glance at the score card, he only won by half a point so it was a narrow but solid and well deserved victory.

It, of course, wouldn’t be a good night without me pointing out my favorite drunk. There was one woman that was so drunk before the show started; she made it a GOAL to take a picture on her phone with every contestant. She then continually talked over the judges cheering for her each contestant, but no one louder than for her dragged out brother playing a drunk, pill popping mess. I loved her standing ovations because the faces from those poor blocked judges was one of pure irritation, not to mention the camera man, and all 20 people in the standing room behind her. With her loud banters and the excessive cheering over the voices of the microphoned judges, she was truly the winner in my eyes that night. So winner for Hottest Mess goes to the blond chick in front. Drink another, my friend.

Another show has already been set up to begin taking place on March 1st and rumor has it that there are already spots filling up with one of the shows already fully booked. If you would like to take part in the second installment of Circus of the Stars, be sure to contact Brandon Barlieb, author of Philly Dragopolis. The true measure of success will be however, how many people return to see the new cast of talent. That remains to be seen.

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