RuPauls Drag Race Episode 8

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This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queen’s were paired up with their polar, or bi-polar opposite for a duet. And, Willam puked.

Chante: Sashay, I don’t even know where to begin.

Sashay: I hear ya girl. Before we get to the vomiting, let’s just start at the beginning. What did you think of the lie detector portion?

Chante: Frankly I think Phi Phi needs to get over herself and admit that she would ki ki with Sharon if they were the last queens on earth.

Sashay: A lie detector never lies. Why didn’t Ru ask who would ki ki with her? That would have been interesting.

Chante: Well the lie detector worked its magic because the pairings couldn’t have been better.

Sashay: Yes, and Latrice and Willam certainly outshined the others. I don’t know what Phi Phi was thinking with that opera singing. She sounded like an injured poodle.

Chante: Sharon put it best…”Phi Phi, don’t Christina it out so much.” Latrice and Willam really did work it this week.

Sashay: I’m growing more and more disappointed with Chad and Dida. They’re more “ladies in waiting” than true queen material.

Chante: I couldn’t disagree more. Chad Michaels is potentially America’s next drag superstar. She. Is. Fierce.

Sashay: Chante, in the words of RuPaul, “There are two things I don’t like about you… your face!” Do you really think Chad is better than Latrice?

Chante: They’ve become my top two, so I’d have to say they’re on par with each other.

Sashay: Well, I hope Ru has the girls perform stand up again. That separates the entertainers from the showgirls.

Chante: Listen Sashay…I have to get to the juicy stuff now. WILLAM.

Sashay: Juicy or chunky, however it was, it was a hot mess. How are you going to throw up on Ru’s stage?

Chante: For realz, girl. That shit was cray. Willam is truly a deceptively genius individual. Every move…including blowing chunks…was carefully calculated.

Sashay: Agreed. She could have walked off stage, but she knew she had an important scene in which she would be asked to “sashay away.” She’s a true professional.

Chante: She got exactly what she wanted, which was all kinds of notoriety without even having to win the show.

Sashay: Well girl, between you and me, I heard in the bath house yesterday that the only reason Willam tried out for the show is because Shangela was taking all the good tranny roles.

Chante: At this point I’d welcome Shangela back onto the show to spice it up because I. AM. BORED.

Sashay: Halleloo. We’re talking about vomit this week… WTF? I’m also pissed because they didn’t even say what this bitch did to get kicked off? Stole Phi Phi’s dildo?

Chante: Maybe did a line of coke off of the producer’s dick? The world may never know….until the reunion special.

Sashay: Can I get an amen up in here?

Chante: AMEN!!!

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