An Interview with Men in Tights

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Sitting down with some hot college jocks is every gay’s dream.  Asking them personal questions about their sex lives can be considered a fantasy.  But guess who has two thumbs and got to sit down with Temple’s gymnasts Dash Sears and Evan Burke?  This guy!  Be sure to read below the interesting assortment of questions that I threw their way.  Learn more about them than the one night stand you have still laying around in your bed from last night:

Matt – What’s your biggest turn on?

Dash – I would have to say scruff.  I love it on older guys its great!

Matt – What’s a typical Friday night for you?

Evan – We have training on Friday nights so actually not much haha.  We usually have competitions Saturday mornings so if we are in season then it’s usually practice, maybe a few beers, and then bed.

M – Top or Bottom?
Dash – Haha bottom.

M – Evan same question; top or bottom?

Evan – I’m versatile

M – How long do your relationships usually last?

Dash – I’m actually in my first relationship.  It’s going great!  We’ve been together for a few months now and I really hope it keeps going on the same track because I am really happy.

M – Do you have any fetishes and if so what are they?

Evan – Haha I’m pretty open to anything.  I like to consider myself a pretty adventurous guy so I don’t really have any limitations with whatever I end up doing.

M – Describe your ideal guy.

Dash – Can I say my boyfriend?  He is a big loving guy, pretty blue eyes, a little scruff…yea he’s my type of guy.

M – When you were little, what was one thing that you wanted to be when you grew up?

Evan – I started to do gymnastics because I wanted to be a Power Ranger.

M – That’s awesome! What one?

Evan – My favorite one was the Green ranger…and he became pretty bad ass when he turned to the White Ranger.

M – What’s the one thing most people don’t know about you?

Dash – A lot of people don’t know I’m really close with my family.  And I really want to help people when I can; do things to help the community, that’s why I did the Mr. Gay Philly.

M – Who was the first person you came out to and how did they take it?

Evan – The first person I told was a group of friends after my 8th grade prom.  I felt compelled to tell them that night at a sleep over to kind of "test the grounds."

M – Give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking about coming out.

Dash – Don’t be afraid to do it.  There is always going to be someone around that will accept you.  It might be family or friends; it might even end up being your teachers.  Staying in the closet is only making you lie to yourself.

M – What is the hardest thing about coming out and how did you overcome it?

Evan – That’s a difficult question because I was very fortunate when I came out.  There are so many possibilities.  I guess it was the "what ifs" that people think up before they come out.  You need to realize that those that judge you for things that are out of your control are insignificant.

Dash – They are insecure with themselves, and they take it out by judging you.

These guys have been features in multiple interviews so it’s no surprise they are rather open to talking about their lives.  The gymnastics team has made conference championships (Temple is hosting the event!) so if you would like to see them compete be sure to check them out April 6th in Temple’s McGonigle Hall.

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