Icandy’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday to the youngest club in town, ICandy! It was a packed house so thank goodness they decided to finish renovations to the liquid lounge. If anyone could actually take their eyes off of the entertainment taking place on the dance floor, you may have noticed that the new liquid lounge has a shower. I can only assume that it is for when the overly drunk gays spill their cocktails on your name brand, European imported, overly priced, weekend outfits. That… or it’s so we can see the go-go boys soap it up in public. Borderline live porn? That remains to be seen.

But enough about the renovations that took place, how about the entertainment! With a mix of drag queens to Pussy Cat singers, Icandy really outdid themselves. The staff was dressed up in cute little bow ties while serving lines of shots for all. No matter where you went there was a huge crowd of people enjoying the night with friends.

If any of you guys were with me or had any type of night I did then you might have had the following experience:

  1. Shuffled into the bar with your gays and drag gays
  2. Opened a tab to make sure the liquor was flowing
  3. Watched the performers wondering if the chick from the Pussy Cat Dolls was actually singing (she wasn’t)
  4. Drank some more to make sure your tab hadn’t been closed
  5. Flirted with the gays that you knew you would meet at ICandy (or met on Grindr)
  6. Set off the third floor fire alarm (total accident by the way so sorry!)
  7. Flirted with the overly sexy shot boys and go-go dancers
  8. Drank some more
  9. End up with a balloon by yourself from who knows
  10. Realize that it’s two AM and you’re the last one dancing to music that no longer exists

Yes Icandy was a wonderful time and I personally love hanging out there. They have cheap covers, hot entertainers, and really know how to throw together a party. I’m not sure if theirs rules about having half birthday but all I’m saying is consider it ICandy. If there’s one thing I learned about this place, it’s that it’s like a fine wine…it’s only getting better with age.

If you haven’t checked out the new section of the second floor, be sure to head out there this weekend if you can find time between the 400 other events that are taking place this weekend. Be sure to check out my twitter feed (@moneill01) to see where I’m at this weekend and see if it’s the place to be!

NOTE: See photos from the party HERE

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