RuPual’s Drag Race Episode 10

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Hey Ladyboys! On this week’s episode, the queens turned daddies into mommies and worked some pregnant realness. Oh…and Kenya stopped by…briefly.

Chante: Well I called it…Kenya came back.

Sashay: You sure did mommy. And I believe she deserved to come back, even if she didn’t get to stay. I loved the teddy bears they made in the mini-challenge. They should sell them at Danny’s.

Chante: Except for the one that looked like Jiggly. That one shouldn’t be a bear, it should be a hippo.

Sashay: Alright, let’s get down to business. Which daddy did you think was the hottest?

Chante: Hmmm. I have to say that Kenya’s was pretty damn bangin’. He sucked as a mommy, but then who would succeed when their coach is barely understandable?

Sashay: Perhaps something was lost in translation. I would have been lost in his sparkling blue eyes. However, MY favorite was Phi Phi’s man. That’s some ki ki I wouldn’t mind mind.

Chante: The bitch worked it this week. Phi Phi that is.

Sashay: Yes, she has been doing surprisingly well lately. I’m starting to become worried about Latrice though.

Chante: Ms. Royale was not on point this week. Her daddy looked a hot mess. And let’s be real…Latrice did not need that belly to come off as pregnant. She looked like she stole a turkey from the supermarket and stuffed it in her dress.

Sashay: Agreed! And if Ru isn’t careful, a black queen might not even win this season.

Chante: She could stand to diversify that winners’ pool, frankly. Throw a bone to the white girls.

Sashay: Or even a Puerto Rican queen.

Chante: Well that dream was crushed for good with Kenya’s short lived reemergence.

Sashay: Chante, who do you think will be going home next?

Chante: As much as I hate to say this, my prediction is Sharon Needles. I love that queen, but I think a top three that includes Chad, Latrice and Phi Phi makes sense with these judges.

Sashay: Well, all of these queens have won challenges, but Chad is the only one who has not had to lip sync for her life. Phi Phi made that racist joke, so she’s got that against her. Yet, she won the last challenge.

Chante: But who’s going home girl?? Tell the world what chu think!

Sashay: I’m going with Chad. I think the judges feel like they’re not getting enough from her.

Chante: I really had to pull that outta you, girl!

Sashay: You’re the first ever to pull out of me.

Chante: Oop! You said it! Can I get an amen up in here?

Sashay: AMEN!!!

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