The Hollywood Divas of Dragapalooza

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Each year there comes a time when the hottest babes come together for one night.  With balls tucked, breast drawn, and wigs pinned in tight, Dragapalooza was underway Saturday night.   From scenes from Sister Act to The Wizard of OZ, there was an event for everyone.  The girls did a fabulous job entertaining the crowd with large numbers using the whole cast, to small individual pieces that only carried a few of the stars.  Brittany Lynn as host was so funny!  With quick jokes at the audience and sarcastic comments towards her other 20 or more cast mates,  people seemed to be highly entertained and very engaged.

So why were you not at the greatest drag show of the year?  It might have been for one of three reasons:

  1. The cost – Yes I know I think 30 bucks for any show is a little steep.  Was it worth it?  Maybe.  Perhaps considering a slightly cheaper ticket price will attract more people next year (not that it wasn’t crowded by any means!)
  2. The ONE bathroom – I know you didn’t know about it because you weren’t there but, there were other parties going on and as a result there was only one bathroom for everyone in the audience to use.  It can definitely be a long wait when you have 50+ people waiting to pee.  Cross your legs ladies.
  3. You just don’t like Drag Queens – Well in that case…you shouldn’t be reading this review…move on buddy.

Diana Dharling was the choreographer of the night’s performances and for that I say Bravo!  You did very well creating a diverse routine for each performance while not shining the spotlight on any one particular star too hard.

If you haven’t checked out the drag scene in Philly, there is at least one show almost every night of the week, so be sure to head out and enjoy.  Each lady has a unique and “creative” personality that always has people like me coming back for more.

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