RuPaul’s Episode 11

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Large and in charge. Chunky yet funky. This week we said goodbye to one of our favorites – Latrice Royale. Hope you all sopped her up like a biscuit.

Chante: Well my prediction for top three was wrong. I thought Sharon would go home, but per usual, she dominated the runway…to Phi Phi’s dismay…also per usual.

Sashay: Yes girl, yes. But before we get to the challenge, let’s discuss… the puppets! I was gagging over Chad’s snaggletooth Phi Phi puppet. Is it available on ebay?

Chante: Ooooh girl! Phi Phi was not happy about that either. Well Chad certainly served it to Phi Phi. First with the puppet and then with that bloodhound.

Sashay: Phi Phi getting matched with a bloodhound was appropriate. After all, that bitch is out for blood.

Chante: Yes she is. She was serving true cunt realness too.

Sashay: Agreed. And one thing is certain, that bitch don’t like a liar.

Chante: But wasn’t nobody lying. She doesn’t like being read. Bitch will dish it out in a minute but can’t take a little criticism.

Sashay: Trust. Phi Phi needs to recognize that ain’t nobody like an evil queen… except maybe Walt Disney. Moving on – As much as I enjoyed Latrice. This heffa is up for a reading.

Chante: I could use a good story.

Sashay: Well settle down girl cuz the library is open.

Chante: Tell it.

Sashay: Latrice Royale- $100,000 is on the line and you show up to a drag competition with your friends Polly and Esther? Your outfits were a hot mess. Were you channeling the busted, crazy neighbor character from some low-budget Tyler Perry movie or Monique’s character in Precious? Your daytime look was straight up now tell me – ghetto! You looked like a middle-aged Septa bus driver dressing up for a night on the town.

Chante: Werk. And can someone please have a conversation with that bitch about her foundation. Are we going for black geisha or orangina realness?

Sashay: Yes, if black don’t crack, why do you got all them lines bitch? Forget 5 G’s, take two B’s – Blend Bitch!

Chante: Yes mama.

Sashay: Next topic. What was with Ru’s outfit this week?

Chante: I rather enjoyed her trashbag chic look. Ke$ha obviously styled her.

Sashay: No honey child, she was serving up John Travolta in Battlefield Earth… with a touch of Predator.

Chante: Good point. A water resistant dress would be necessary in case of alien invasion…or blood on the runway…ya never know with Ms. Needles.

Sashay: Something tells me they wouldn’t care if aliens came down and took back Michelle Visage. Speaking of things we don’t care about, I loved how the queens stood up Dita Von Teese in the Untucked episode. Dear Dita, no one gives a flying fuck about you.

Chante: For real, girl. She wouldn’t have added a thing to the episode anyway.

Sashay: Agreed! Sidenote, speaking of things we don’t care about… Does anyone give a shit about Eden’s World?

Chante: Hell. To. The. No. Moving on to the top three – I think we have a true battle royale on our hands.

Sashay: Yes, only I’m disappointed that next week will be a re-CRAP episode. Leave it to Ru to resurrect the clip show episode. I haven’t seen a recap since the Golden Girls when they’d show a bunch of clips of Rose looking like an idiot followed by clips of Blanche sounding like a slut.

Chante: Well, it’ll keep the anticipation building for the grande finale. But I will say that the last thing I need is to relive the travesty that was Jiggly Caliente.

Sashay: True girl. Can I get an amen up in here?

Chante: Now hold on Sashay. I ain’t takin’ it to church just yet. Any prediction on the winner?

Sashay: I’m rooting for Phi Phi. That bitch is hungry. If she don’t win, I think she gonna bite somebody!

Chante: Oh no, girl. I hope she is the first to get the boot. As much as I love Sharon, I’m gonna give it to Chad. That veteran queen deserves the crown.

Sashay: EVERY queen deserves a crown.

Chante: You most of all, Sashay.

Sashay: Agreed. Now gimme that Amen girl!

Chante: AMEN!

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