Pretty Poison’s Jade Starling Talks to PGC

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It’s two o’clock on Wednesday afternoon and I’m waiting to get a phone call from Jade Starling. Like many, I’m familiar with the catchy chorus and memorable synth melodies that catapulted her song “Catch Me I’m Falling” into pop music history. Starling will be appearing this Friday to perform her hit single along with a new track from her upcoming album “Captive” at Adesso’s 80s Dance Party upstairs at 1519 Walnut Street, hosted by local photographer HughE Dillon of

Starling doesn’t keep me waiting long. At 2:01 my phone buzzes and it’s her. She’s breezy and lighthearted right off the bat, and when I tell her that our interview is going live on on Thursday around 9:30, she asks me to remind our readers that at that very same moment she’ll be appearing live on a local Fox morning show (consider it done!) and kicks off the interview with a confession.

Jade Starling: I’m actually nervous about being on television.

Alejandro Morales: Really?

JS: Every time! But it doesn’t show.

AM: Are you a morning person?

JS: Hell no! I’m an early morning person. Because that’s when I get home from going out.

AM: So tell me about what you’ve been up to.

JS: Working on a new album, “Captive,” with my Pretty Poison writing partner Whey Cooler.

AM: You two have been writing songs together for a while. You must work together well.

JS: We’re like the McCartney and Lennon of our era! We also collaborated with Universal Music France’s Franck Dona, which was amazing. We’re gearing up for a West Coast tour this summer, and we worked with photographer Gretchen Johnson on a photo shoot for the new album at the Eastern State Penitentiary. I figured, with an album named “Captive,” there’s no better place for a photo shoot than a prison. There’s also going to be a coffee table book coming from that shoot, which will be auctioned off for charity.

AM: At this Friday’s event, I hear you’ll also be performing a new song?

JS: It’s called “Dance Revolution.” It’s got an infectious groove and it’s a clever take on the Occupy Movement.

AM: What do you think about the Occupy movement?

JS: I think, if you feel strongly about something, you’ve got to make yourself heard. But I’d rather be occupying the dance floor with my friends and a drink in my hand. The song uses the terminology of the movement, because we’re staying, and we’re dancing. It’s now available exclusively on Google Play with a wider release planned to coincide with the music video, which is in production now.

AM: What music do you listen to these days?

JS: I’m listening to the new Madonna. It’s fabulous. Also I listen to Skrillex. I’m so into dubstep. I love the new dance sounds. We’re incorporating some of that into the new record.

AM: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

JS: Burgers and fries. People think I don’t eat, but believe me, I indulge. Then I hit the gym.

AM: Any favorite spots in Philadelphia?

JS: The Gayborhood. There’s such great nightlife and incredible energy. It seems to be thriving every night.

AM: You perform at many events that benefit causes related to the LGBT community. What draws you to advocate for the community?

JS: The gay community is passionate about music, fashion, and civil rights, all of which are important to me. They’ve always embraced me and supported my music. It’s important for straight friends to speak out, because that’s what friends do, they support. I think gay people, and young gay people in particular, should be proud of who they are, because their generation can make a difference. Remember, there’s gold at the end of the rainbow! Anybody who’s different has gone through some kind of bullying situation. I’ve been bullied too. I say it’s better to stand out than to fit in. I’m involved in gay causes because I feel like you have to give back. I just played the LGBT expo in New York and I’m hyped about Friday. I just like to feel the love.

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