Circus of the Stars Review – Week 2

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I’m still sitting in shock at how talented some of these performers were.  Last week at Circus of the Stars 3.0, the week two contestants took to the stage in drag!  Many of the newer up and coming drag queens that many of us know and love took to the spot light for their chance to move onto the finals and claim that $500 dollar prize.  While stars like Emily Dee and Tori Lynne-St Clair show stopped with amazing lip synced performances throughout the night, Bridgette Jones took the shock and awe route with belting out tunes to songs like I Touch Myself in a voice that left people wondering if she was actually singing or if the song’s recoding was playing the background.  Her vocals were, for the most part, spot on!  And of course no one is going to forget Ms. Miriah and her ripped up one-piece.  Coming out with in a white one-piece with precision razor slashes across the outfit, her getup left NOTHING to the imagination, except for where she tucked.  She stole the show with splits, kicks and slides, taking home one of the two finalist’s spots.  For more drama and recaps on the ladies performances, be sure to check out Philly blogger Brandon Barlieb’s PhillyDragopolis for the real deal on anything drag.

There was on stand out performance from a young lady (not in drag) named Lexxi.  She broke it down with the best of them!  Setting up two routines, she made quite the impression from her poppin’ lockin’ and droppin’.  Not all judges were pleased though, Dianna Darling did make a point to explain that while Lexxi was extremely talented, Ms. Darling hopes to see a little more variety in the performance come the finals (she took home finalist spot number two).  So will she be able to drop it low enough for the $500 prize? That remains to be seen.

Special Guest and controversial drag performer Aida Snatchwell took to the stage and performed an exclusive Nicki Minaj montage of numbers.  With only a minor delay with the sound, Aida had the crowd on their feet as each new song took start.  For a complete bio of Aida’s carreer, be sure to check out Dan Mangini’s TWINKLE, TWINKLE Great Big STAR!!!.

So if it was being a bitch that night (and by bitch I mean that rain) be sure you all come over to Tabu this Tuesday at 10 PM for another exciting round of talent, drinks, and jokes, because you don’t want to miss out.

Also be sure to watch my video review below with special guest Ryan Breslin — creator of Philly famous When In Philly Gayborhood.

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