Carman’s Country Kitchen Closes

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

After an astounding 22 years of serving the public her amazing food, that she cooks her damn self, Carman’s Country Kitchen will unfortunately close on December 16. Her party pooper landlord has decided to turn it into a pizza shop, and she lost her lease. The landlord doesn’t realize that he’s causing the loss of one of Philly’s more unique, quirky, inviting restaurants in Philly.

Carman’s is a tiny restaurant, bursting with personality, so much that it doesn’t seem to fit inside of the restaurant. Her kooky decor pours outside, featuring a mannequin in interesting outfits, trucks with tables on top (her twist on outdoor seating), and seats for about 8 lucky people at a time.

Her menu changes weekly, but it’s Carman that stays the same beautiful, open-hearted, sparkling star that makes the restaurant what it is. She makes it special, and as she’s cooking, a glimpse of her smiling while cooking, through a perfectly-placed opening in the wall…adds to the quirkiness and I can’t help but wonder what she smiling about. Maybe she’s doing exactly what she always wanted to do, and she’s having a fun time…or maybe her heart is bursting with adoration from her many followers. Either way, this restaurant closing SUCKS and make sure you do yourself a favor, and go eat here before December 16th, if you haven’t already. Just call her at (215) 339-9613, to make sure they’re open. Carman’s is open Thurs-Monday 8am-2pm.

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