Circus of the Stars Review – Week 3

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

When many think of a circus they think of a variety of acts that will amuse and entertain. Week three was just that. From pregnant nuns to fire eaters, the talent was diverse across the board. But there was never shortage of sharp critiques and tense contestants. Drag performer and live singer Se7en was noted to appear a little tense while judges asked to see a little more. As Diana Dharling clearly stated several times throughout this past week, contestants are there to be judged. There is a cash prize so contestants should be ready to get critiqued.

But amid all the night’s tension and sharp (but honest) criticisms by the judges, two performers stood out on top. Drag Queen Lady Poison, with her iconic flaming red hair, stole the show with her energy and passion while hoola-hooper and fire eater Rufio won the second finalists spot. With strong performances by many of the contestants and the wild cards yet to be announced, any one of them might make it back to the finale in two weeks.

Be sure to check out my video review with Jason (Diana Dharling) or the full scoop on what went down throughout the night below!

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