Three Reasons to Check Out The Circus Tonight

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After weeks of contestants dancing, singing, flaming, and joking, the finalists for Circus of the Stars 3.0 have finally been announced. With two wild cards, the finalists are:

Matt Geyer
Sooshie Harajuku
Mariah Moore Sky
Lady Poison
Satine Harlow
Natalie Levant- Wildcard
Bridgette Jones- Wildcard

So who is going to take home the $500 dollar cash prize? Well you’ll have to come check it out and find out for yourself! If the shear enjoyment of a free drink upon your entrance to the show is not enough, here are three reasons why you’ll not want to miss this finale.

The voices are huge.

If you’re like me and legit never heard of almost all of the finalists prior to their debuts on the stage, you won’t want to miss some of these singers. With vocals ranging from Matt’s soothing guitar feel to Miss. Bridgette Jones soprano like vocals, it’s going to be well known tunes that everyone can bob their heads to.

The Dancing will be extreme.

Between Lexxi’s hip hop ‘pop lock and drop it’ style right down to the various drag queens sliding around the stage, it’s going to be tough for these contestants to differentiate themselves. All the dance numbers were unique and wildly entertaining on each of their respective nights, but placed all together, each of these ladies are definitely going to have to bring their A game.

Who knows what Rufio will do…

I had to point out Rufio because I have honestly no idea what he will bring to the table. With one performance of hooping and another of fire eating, I have no idea what this “flamer” will bring to the table. He is someone I’m definitely excited about seeing as he is certainly the classic “Circus” act.

So who will win the crown of top performer? Who will win the $500 dollar cash prize? Get over to Tabu Sports Bar by 10 PM tonight and check it out!

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