Howard Louis to take on Tom Waits

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Every once in a while, the wild gays of the Philly gayborhood, venture outside of the ‘norms’ of drinking, bars, and close quarter club life to take on a more artistic view on life and leisure. Singer Howard Louis (Howard Frankel to his friends) is attempting to do just that. Singing for most of his life, Howard has recently established a new one night show at The M-Room called The Piano Has Been Drinking, a Tom Waits Tribute. I took this opportunity to sit down with this hunk and talk all things music.

Inspired by singers like Alanis Morissette, Howard has decided to push himself outside the boundaries of the norm. Inspired by famous singer Tom Waits, attendees to the show will be able to gain a new appreciation with a modern day twist to the normal growling and yelling that Tom has become famous for.

“It’s hard to tell people that you are performing Tom Waits because people’s typical reaction will usually always be ‘Really?’ But the words that underlie his music are what have been attractive to me over the past few years.”

Studying music for years, Howard’s true challenge was to create a show that has the power of Tom Waits’s lyrics without sounding like Tom Wait himself. With a lot of Howard’s music inspired by modern day pop and rock, he brings a unique array of vocals ranging from modern day hit singers in pop to artists and icons like Marilyn Manson.

To Howard, what will make this show even more entertaining, are the two acts that go both before and after his performance, but also that fact that he will not be on his piano. With a supporting band that he has worked with dating back to his college days, these ‘gay friendly’ co-stars will be a powerful supporting role as they are very familiar with Tom Wait’s music.

The power of Tom Wait’s music is almost like an art. And as musical art, it is important to show and share his music with those less familiar. To hear more from Howard you can pick up his album at as well as check out more of his works. Be sure to check out his show, The Piano Has Been Drinking on November 9th at The M-Room in Philadelphia. Tickets are only $8 dollars so you won’t want to miss this.

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