Breaking the Girls

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

“You have to kill parasites before they suck you dry.” This might be the theme of the movie, but I’m not really sure. As you’ve probably read, Breaking The Girls directed by Jamie Babbitt is a psychological thriller with a twisty plot about two women who each have enemies they want dead. The lead actresses, Agnes Bruckner as Sara and Madeline Zima as Alex, have enough chemistry to keep the movie interesting. There are a lot of one-liners that are meant to be funny and deliver. There are also lines that are not meant to be funny that had the audience in hysterics. I went into the movie expecting to see a serious psychological thriller with lesbian characters. I left the theater entertained for a totally different reason.

From the beginning I had to suspend all disbelief because the plot took turn after crazy turn while keeping me hanging on to see what happened next. Every plot point had me simultaneously thinking, “This is unrealistic,” and “how is this going to resolve itself?” The movie comments on how justice is linked to socio-economic status through Sara’s belief that the system only serves the wealthy. While this is a theme worth exploring, it doesn’t lend credibility to any of the characters’ actions. At the end of the movie, I still had no real motivation for the characters’ actions and this was the movie’s biggest flaw.

That said, the movie has enough steam to it for a fun night out – pun intended.


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