Tangle Movement Arts to Present All-Female Queer Aerial Acrobatic Show During FringeArts Festival

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

The Philadelphia-based Tangle Movement Arts, a feminist movement arts company that places an emphasis on queer and female experience, will be presenting Break/Drift/Resist, a full-length aerial acrobatics show, during the 2013 Philly FringeArts Festival from September 5 through 7, 2013.

The troupe, which has been a staple at the Fringe festival since 2010, will be exploring notions of community in the new work, according to Tangle’s founder Lauren Rile Smith.

“We wanted to use aerial dance and acrobatic partnering to diagram, in movement, the way one person’s action can ripple through a community.  Sometimes your life is transformed by a person you barely know—and sometimes, opening a window for yourself slams a door on someone else,” said Smith. 

The premiere work will feature a seven-women cast that will navigate “a forest of aerial equipment, chase each other across the stage, and explore how groups adapt, transform, and absorb shock,” according to the press materials. 

Break/Drift/Resist will be performed at Philadelphia Soundstages, 1600 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122.  Tickets, which range from $15-20 (with discounts for artists, students, seniors, and groups), can be purchased at the door or online at tangle-arts.com.  For discount information, contact info@tangle-arts.com.

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