Rutgers Camden Healthy Development Lab Seeking Lesbians for Online Study

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The Healthy Development Lab at Rutgers University—Camden is conducting an online study on sexual orientation and women’s menstrual cycles.  The Lab is currently seeking females who are in exclusive relationships with other women to participate, and there is a chance for cash prizes.

Gianna Bowler, a graduate research assistant at Rugters, explained that the study “examines menstrual cycles and factors relating to romantic relationships with a focus on sexual orientation.”  The Healthy Development Lab has previously completed studies on romantic partnerships on body image and eating disorders.

According to Bowler, eligible participants must be women in relationships with other women who have been regularly menstruating; the women must be exclusively dating for at least three months and cannot currently be breastfeeding or lactating.  Additionally, “women on any kind of birth control, pregnant, menopausal, or trying to conceive would not be eligible,” said Bowler.

The study, which is conducted online, requires two separate surveys that take approximately ten minutes to complete.

There is also an opportunity for study participants to win cash prizes.

“There are two separate $50 prize drawings,” said Bowler.  “Each participant’s name is entered in both after completing each survey, so there’s a ‘survey 1 $50 prize drawing’ and a ‘survey 2 $50 prize drawing.’”

If you are interested in participating, or for further information, contact the Healthy Development Lab directly at

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