Music Round Up: From Robert Glasper to Panic at the Disco

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Welcome to my first round-up of buzzing music from the weekend and new releases you might have missed! While I will be tirelessly searching for the greatest songs and must-see videos, tips and submissions will always be welcome, so feel free to send on any suggestions! Now let’s kick this off with a trip to the dance floor.

The Saturdays – Not Giving Up

The Saturdays, UK girl group du jour now that Girls Aloud have officially called it quits, fought through multiple pregnancies and an unsuccessful attempt to break the US music market to get to their latest album release. But luckily for us lovers of the girl group, it is not without its fair share of gems. The most sparkling one of the bunch is not one of the many singles released ahead of the album, but the Carl Ryden produced “Not Giving Up.” It starts ordinary enough for a Sats song, but once it reaches the chorus, the song explodes into a rapidfire series of chants that simply screams for Woody’s steam cannons to erupt. Get to shufflin’.

Bright Light Bright Light – In Your Care

Keeping the synths on but bringing the tempo down just a bit is openly gay singer Rod Thomas, better known by his stage name Bright Light Bright Light or for his involvement in Scissor Sisters’ member Del Marquis’ side project, Slow Knights. Releasing the title track from his upcoming EP, “In Your Care,” Thomas ruminates on leaving home to pursue his career and the heart he has left behind. Backed with the blippy nu-disco and melodic vocal style he is known for, Thomas gives us another reason to put him on the top of our list of LGBTQ artists to watch.

Tegan & Sara – I Shudder To Think

Speaking of positively ready to burst LGBTQ artists are indie-rockers-turned-pop-stars Tegan & Sara. Following a career of hook-laden, forward thinking indie rock, the lesbian twin sisters released “Heartthrob” in January. While remaining a convincing T&S album, their new sound was so pervasively pop-leaning that it catapulted them into pop music landscape with a level of success they had never experienced. Months after the release of the still-not-getting-old album, they have submitted a previously unreleased B-side called “I Shudder To Think” for the upcoming soundtrack for the film, “Dallas Buyers Club.” Working off of an 80’s guitar pop sound, they craft a song every bit as catchy and immediate as the many glowing tracks on “Heartthrob” and provide a perfect addition to the already incredible set of songs released this year by the girls.

Panic! at the Disco – Girls/Girls/Boy

OK, work with me on this one. I know I know…Panic! at the Disco haven’t been “of interest” for quite some time, and no I’m not doing this as a favor to my teenage cousin. The fact of the matter is that with their latest album “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!” they have found their way back to interesting pop music, and their new single, “Girls/Girls/Boy” is no exception. Atop a clapping, strut-worthy instrumentation, lead man Brendon Urie kicks the theatrical vocals up a notch and creates a catchy song their debut album would have been proud of. Oh, and if you aren’t convinced yet, he pays homage to that infamous D’Angelo video. Meaning he is naked the entire video. You’re welcome. 

The Robert Glasper Experiment – Somebody Else ft. Emeli Sande

And the final PGC-approved track of the week is so packed with talent that it hardly promises a fair fight amongst the competition. The Robert Glasper Experiment continues their roll of updated soul singles with an Emeli Sande-assisted track, “Somebody Else.” With both artists able to claim an almost absurd level of acclaim and commercial success, the song is a refreshingly low-key affair. Sande glides effortlessly over the jazz-inspired music to create that elusive example of a song that sounds much simpler than it is. This may not be the fastest, loudest, or raunchiest song on the list…but it is likely the best.

That’s a wrap folks! Add these to your playlists and I’ll see you next week!


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