Music Round Up: It Isn’t Too Early To Decorate the Tree!

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Welcome to the 2nd installment of my must-listen songs of the week; this week had me practically in a panic attack over how much incredible music was finding it’s way into my library, so narrowing this down was particularly difficult. Listen to all of ‘em, and you will see what I mean!

Tove Lo – Out Of Mind

Swedish pop singer Tove Lo is somewhat new to the scene, garnering attention and support from her previous writing credits for Girls Aloud, Icona Pop, and Cher Lloyd as well as a tasting of some of her own solo work. All of this promise has culminated in a thunderously pained track called "Out Of Mind." Tove is in a broken rage as she shouts on each chorus "You’re out of your mind! If you think you can keep you from mine!" The production is at times understated but at others threatens to overpower the pop chanteuse as she struggles to keep it together through a break up. Very much the kind of song that could mean a turning point for a new pop singer’s career, so don’t surprised if you hear more from the lady soon.

Katy Perry – Unconditionally

The second single from the inevitable juggernaut that is Prism, "Unconditionally" takes things in a different direction from Katy’s first single, "Roar," by slowing it down and putting some heart into her glossy music. Almost deceivingly catchy, "Unconditionally" relies heavily on the gorgeous instrumentation and infectious melody, which is really all one needs in a pop song. This may not be the best that Prism has to offer (my personal favorites are "Walking On Air," "Ghost," and "Double Rainbow") but it is a smart choice for the next single and I can already taste the late night dance remixes. We love you right back, Katy.

Lady GaGa ft. R.Kelly – Do What You Want

Mother Monster released her second single this week for her much-hyped ARTPOP project, and boy did she kick things off with a bang. Assisted by fellow brilliant music loon, R. Kelly, the irresistible R&B-tinged pop song doubles as a sexual invite as well as a defiant empowerment anthem. The gist is that GaGa invites you to do what you want with her body because you don’t have a say in how she uses her voice or her heart. Sounds relatively common for her, but what is uncommon is how hard she hit this one on the nose musically. The Lady is growling, yelping, cooing, and flat out screaming Xtina style on this one, while the beat sensually thumps behind her. Completely hook laden and completely hit worthy, if Applause didn’t get you clapping out of excitement for ARTPOP, give this one a try.

Active Child ft. Ellie Goulding – Silhouette

American based electronic artist Active Child may not be a household name, but after garnering substantial praise for his debut album in 2011 and getting a worthy cover of his "Hanging On" by Ellie Goulding last year, he is poised to begin making moves to showcase his atmospheric brand of dance music to a larger audience. Here to help him again is superstar fan Goulding as they trade heavenly verses over a swirling beat. Active Child holds his own, but Goulding’s parts are dizzyingly beautiful, and worth a listen on their own. Press play on this one when you need an escape from the noise of your week. 

Little Mix – Moves (The Alias Mix)

We may have to wait a few more months than the Brits to formally receive new music from X-Factor UK alums Little Mix, but over there the girls are already promoting up a storm for their new single, "Moves." An off-center, unexpected lead single choice, the song skitters along as the girls belt through their irresistible blend of updated ‘90’s throwback jams. But much like their debut single last year, "Wings," this single is upstaged by the incredible, dance-floor temptation remix by The Alias. It sounds like 1AM on a Saturday feels, and the girls’ vocals rise confidently over the surging production. Here’s hoping the girls include The Alias more formally in their production team next go-round.

Diplo feat, Angger Dimas & Travis Porter – Biggie Bounce

Summer may be over, but our very own Diplo released an EP last week to keep us sweating. Tittled "Revolution," it is a small collection of songs that reminds us that there is life to twerking outside of Miley Cyrus. The greatest offering is "Biggie Bounce," a drum-heavy bounce anthem that could get the tamest club wild. Diplo is the most reliable producer in terms of dance anthems outside of the increasingly generic house genre, so if you can’t bear to hear the breakdown in "Wake Me Up" one more time, try this one out.

Kelly Clarkson – Underneath The Tree

Save your objections about it being too early for Christmas music. If Kelly Clarkson wants to release a flawless Xmas classic, then the holiday season has begun! And "Underneath The Tree" is SERIOUSLY amazing. Upon the very first listen I was sure that this would join the canon of modern classics along with Mariah Carey’s "All I Want For Christmas" and Kylie’s updated "Santa Baby." Packed to the brim with holiday goodies like saxophone solos, background carolers, and of course Kelly’s immaculate vocals, I couldn’t have asked for more. Excuse me while I begin my Christmas decorating early.

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