If It Quacks Like a Duck…

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"Where would we be without Reality TV?"

30 years ago this was a non-issue because we were more concerned with asking ourselves "Where would we be without our VCRs?"

It's funny how time changes and things that you once never thought of become a constant in our daily lives.

Especially on our TV screens.

The saddest thing about the Reality TV era is the fact that the characters are real people. Their characteristics are what make them the stars of their shows. They're not the Zack Morris antihero or Olivia Pope savior. They are 'real' people representing themselves for who they truly are, to an extent, mind you, because they have an image and a brand to protect.

One side effect of having an image or brand is that you become a commodity.

In short, as a Reality TV star, you are your business.

So, it would stand to assume that you wouldn't do anything stupid to ruin the potential for making more money through your brand, right?

Apparently Phil Robertson doesn't think so, which is why he completely told his brand to fuck off with his comments in a recent article for GQ Magazine.

At this point, you're aware of what Phil said. You may even know about the similar remarks he made a few years ago in Pottstown, PA.

But are you really that shocked? With all of the colorful (pun intended) remarks from Paula Deen earlier this year? Or even the barrage of attacks against black houseguests on Big Brother over the summer.

Don't even get me started on Trayvon.

Phil Robertson said a lot of really inappropriate things to GQ but is what he said really going to matter in the near future?

Wasn't Mandela laid to rest almost two weeks ago? There are so many more important things taking place in our world. And though the antiquated opinion of an affluent businessman may shock some, I'm going to tell you a quick story.

Last week I watched Barbara Walters’s “Most Fascinating People” special and caught the segment where she interviewed the Duck Dynasty family. 

They looked shiny enough, but I knew something was a bit off. Immediately I saw Mitt Romney's face flash through my mind and thought, “Oh. I bet one of them's about to say something stupid.”

And sure enough, one of them said something stupid.

I know, I know. Freedom of speech, right? Why do people always break that argument out for negative examples but never for great moments?

For instance, when Dr. King recited 'I Have A Dream'. That was a great example of Freedom of Speech that inspired many people. Robertson's comments only fuel the fire in our already tense society because it leaves the people who are angry feeling raw and ready to fight, while the ones who stand with him will passively throw up their “Freedom Of Speech” statuses on social media.

I find it so funny that in 2013 our attention spans have dwindled down into seven-second videos and words without vowels or syllables.

OMG that was totes cray cray what I just said. But it's true.

In about a year, will these comments still resonate with the masses?

Hell, I give it another two, three days tops unless he says something worse.

But then again, if he did, shouldn't that be the point where we stop giving him the attention he wants because we already know he's going to say off the wall shit from time to time?

You wouldn't get mad at a baby for pissing on you, right?

This is that man's opinion and he has every right to it. But we're not obligated to allow his words to dictate how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with each other.

Hell, we really don't have to listen to him at all.

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