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I find it quite adventurous to find different women to interview for this blog. I literally will (and have) chase women on their bikes to get their names and email addresses! Over the past couple of months, I’ve met some inspiring women in different nooks of the city. I had the pleasure of meeting Krystal at Trader Joe’s downtown back in November, when the weather was still lukewarm and the leaves were rustling under my pedals.

Krystal is a cute, curly-haired, petite Heels on Wheels Diva who currently resides near Center City and rides a vintage Peugeot Road Bike. She mainly uses her bike for running errands, with an average of 20 miles per month…not too shabby! That’s at least 600 calories burned per month! Thank goodness Krystal wears a helmet, especially since she rides in the rain and was almost doored a couple times!

HOW: Why do you ride your bike?

Krystal: Riding is both liberating and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

HOW: Do you ride alone?

Krystal: I usually ride alone, but find some company on the road when I run into fellow bikers. It’s amazing how diverse and vibrant the community of bikers is.

HOW: What are your favorite areas to ride your bike?

Krystal: I love street riding, but I do enjoy the occasional ride through the park on the weekends.

HOW: What’s the strangest or funniest thing you’ve done while riding your bike?

Krystal: I’m always tickled by car drivers who go crazy when a biker gets into their lane when thebike lane ends or is obstructed. The driver expends immense energy to get around the biker only to find the biker catching up with them a few seconds later!

HOW: Last blooper?

Definitely nearly doored – drivers please look out for us bikers!

HOW: Do you wear a helmet?

Krystal: Yes, it’s an important safety measure. I also wear it to make the other wearers of helmets not feel lonely!

HOW: What type of gear do you wear while riding?

Krystal: I usually wear casual clothes, but I have worn a full skirt and shoes on my bike.

HOW: Do you ride in the rain and/or snow?

Krystal: I might ride in light rain if I believe the road conditions are safe.

If you are a biker and would like to be interviewed to inspire other people to ride and get healthy, email me. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

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