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Looking around the local LGBTQ community in our tri-state area there is without doubt a huge community of talented, prolific and just amazing people amongst us. Between performers, singers and writers alone there is such a diverse and gifted group of individuals all working to a common goal. This goal is nothing less than the realization of their dreams coming true. Not such an easy feat these days no matter how talented an individual may be. It is all about making the right connections, building a bridge with their audiences and the willingness to devote every ounce of their being to their art form regardless of the sacrifices that may require. Pure grit and determination are just as important as talent in climbing the ladder to success. This motivation must possess every cell in their bodies and drive them forward. I am always energized and awe struck when I come across these types of people. I recently was "gifted" with an introduction and now a budding friendship with one of these amazing individuals who is about to realize his very own special dream as a published author. His pen name could not be more fitting as this young man truly is royalty in all senses of the word. When good people achieve great things, especially those in our own community, we all win. I am excited to share with you one of these people that I speak about. I sat down recently with him, King Author Royale, to discuss the launch of his new literary work, "Tales Of The Kryvesic Orb"!

1. With your campaign about to launch, I want to share a glimpse of the man behind the book cover. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a native of Trenton, NJ who now resides in the South New Jersey area. Although I am capable of writing several genres of literary brilliance, I specialize in fantasy and fiction; of which I am a member of many author groups. Writing for over 15 years, I got my start early as a teen producing many hand scribed short stories and even full novels by age 16 – many of which were recognized in school. In 2013, I organized a writers group for local indie authors to come together and share their works and ideas and also encourage one another in their crafts. My long anticipated project ‘Tales Of The Kryvesic Orb’ consist of a chain of books telling one electrifying story. A sure fire hit, it is expected to be available in 2014. I am an outgoing, fun loving, honest, free spirited nerd at heart. I started writing as a teen and only ever thought of it as a hobby. Now, I want to make it more because I see a need for a change in American Fantasy-Fiction (my genre).

2. Please tell me why you chose the subject matter that you did and also I feel that many, based on the stereotypes in our world, would find that this was would be unusual. How do you respond to this?

Fantasy-Fiction was always an interest of mine in film, literature, art, etc. I just combined that love with my passion of comic/superheroes and the story basically developed itself. Honestly I don’t really have a fear, per-say, of people receiving it because my books don’t venture outside of what children and teens like to read or watch on television already. I just want to stir the pot a bit when it comes to character roles… all character roles.

3. In looking at the history of super hero writings etc, you mentioned in conversation a little history me about the diversity or lack thereof in characters. Can you expand on that subject and also give us some insight into the characters you have created and how they relate to today’s world and views?

OK it’s like this. I don’t want to take ANYTHING away from the amazing books and films (fantasy and fiction) that have been produced in the past, especially those within the past decade or so, but we have to be fair and honest. The character roles in these films are pretty much set. When I say this I want it to be VERY clear that I a speaking across-the-board. This concern I have, as best I can explain it is, it basically limits individual’s train of thought as to what they are allowed to enjoy, pursue, or even expect out of themselves and others. A very wide range of media circulates around the fictional genre. However, when it comes to who it is tailored to it is very specific and limited. The problem I see with this is (1) It convinces people to feel as if they aren’t expected to like this genre or they cannot relate to this genre, (2) It limits other audiences to the basic stereotype of what is allowed for them, and (3) – the most damaging of them all – children of every culture are being influenced, in the most vital period of their development, to limit what they can and cannot identify with. This genre is what I enjoy so I see where the commercialized roles of the characters are not very diverse at all. And that is what my books series is going to introduce… DIVERSITY.

4. What is your hope and/or messages you want to convey thru your work?

Basically I want all children to feel as if they can be just like ANY of the characters we are introducing them to. No role should be SET. I have always been a fan of fantasy, fiction, supernatural, magic, and of course Super-heroes, but the obvious problem is the producers of these genres are only interested in my money and not the indirect psychosomatic effects limiting ones relation to them can cause. I would like to use my writing to eliminate this problem continuing because the effect on the younger audience is even worse. It conditions them to develop mentally around it. The smallest positive modification in the mind can result in a much needed change in behavior and habits. My writings are not attempts to make a racial stance but instead bringing a sledge hammer to the continued construction of the wall that is built around ALL audiences which block the possibility of venturing into or being considered for other genres and ultimately the character role they will play in life.

5. Can you share with us how we can get more details on your campaign launch and where we might purchase your work?

Upon the book’s publication it will be available to purchase in many ways. Online options include and . The campaign launch with all details on how you may support this work can be found at: For any questions and additional information please do not hesitate to reach out to the author using any of these means of contact:
TalesOfTheKryvesicOrb Blog

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