Brittany Lynn turns 16 (again)

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Philadelphia is a culturally rich city with an expansive nightlife that rivals any other US destination. However, one of our most proud traditions lies within the Drag community. And one person who commands respect within the Drag community, if not the gay community as a whole, is the iconic Brittany Lynn.

If you’ve ever been to one of her shows you can attest to her talent and recognize why she is such a beloved individual. And this Wednesday, on the eve of her (cough) birthday (you never reveal a lady’s true age folks), Brittany Lynn is going to be honored with a roast at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar.

Why a roast you ask? For a performer like Brittany Lynn the better question would be “Why not a roast?”. Because if you’ve ever seen one of her shows then you know that this Wednesday’s birthday bash is going to be epic!

Since 1996 Brittany – also known as Ian Morrison – has enjoyed much success since that fateful day when she and her fellow cast mates from “The Not So Brady Bunch”, where she portrayed Alice the housekeeper, attended a drag contest at 12th Air Command (currently known as iCandy for all of you young bucks) and was plucked from the audience by the host to perform.

From that point on Brittany shared her talents in many venues including Atlantic City and New York, but when asked what her most cherished accomplishment is she says that it pertains to a Philadelphia tradition.

The annual New Year’s Day Mummer’s Parade.

“It was incredible” Brittany revealed after the conclusion her monthly Drag Brunch, also at Tabu. “Last year we got to march in the parade and perform at the Convention Center. This year they gave us the option to lead the parade, which was a big deal.”

Brittany, who’s size and stature rival her boisterous personality, isn’t just iconic because of her voluminous performances. She also cares about our community and is very much involved.

“I’ve been working for the community since 1996.” she says, naming such organizations as Philadelphia Gay News, City Hope and MANNA. She also managed the Shampoo night club at one time during her career.

Another thing you need to know is that, because of her work with the Mummers, March 15th has been named Brittany Lynn Day.

“Maybe I’ll get the keys to the city.” She jokes, but in all honesty it would be an honor that she deserves. Not only is she a fierce performer, her spirit and commitment to the betterment of our community is inspiring.

But don’t wait until March 15th to celebrate the fabulousness that is Brittany Lynn! If you’ve never seen her live make sure you go to Tabu on Wednesday March 12th for Brittany Lynn’s Sweet 16 Birthday Roast. It starts at 8pm and goes until closing at 2am (her actual birthday is on Thursday). And when you go, make sure you pull her aside and talk to her, as she is a very down to earth and funny person.

Trust me, it will be the highlight of your week.

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