Mr. Philadelphia Drag King 2014

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Philly’s 2014 pride celebration was absolutely phenomenal. The energy, love, and talents blanketed our LGBT community with a safety net I haven’t felt in quite some time. There were so many new and familiar faces at the wide selection of official pride events to attend. I made an appoint to attend the 19th Annual Mr. Philadelphia Drag King Competition (PDK) hosted by the Liberty City Kings (LiCK) at our own William Way Community Center. I’ve been attending this competition for about three years now and it’s always the time of my life. Anyone who’s someone is at this event…Fran Price of Philly Pride Presents, Sharron L. Cooks, President of CCP GSA, former reigning Mr. PDK Rasta Boi Punany, and the sensational Bev – just to name a few.

This year’s competition had three kings vying for the title: Cunnilingus, Jimmy Two Finger, and Tony Tingler. These characters had big shoes to fill because last year’s Mr. PDK, Timmy Tenderloin, always knocks the ladies off of their feet with his suave and witty personality while gyrating and crooning on the stage. All of the kings wowed the crowd, but it was quite apparent who swooned and moved us up and out of our seats. If you don’t know by now, women LOVE to laugh. Jimmy Two Finger killed the crowd with his debut performance of the all-time party favorite Let Me Clear My Throat by Fat Man Scoop. I was literally in tears from laughing so hard! Not only did Jimmy win the title as the 2014 Mr. PDK, but had a standing ovation as the audience’s favorite competitor!

Jimmy Two Finger, born as Alannah Caldwell, is a resilient and admirable 24 year old Philadelphia native. She has been performing for over four years and her first performance was at a showcase hosted by The Attic. Her favorite performance is lip sync to Prince’s Kiss. Alannah has competed in the Mr. PDK competition three different times. In 2012, she hit the stage as Bishop the Drag King, but didn’t win she felt she needed more professional growth and experience. Alannah debuted for the first time as Mr. PDK at this year’s Philly Dyke March and fulfilled a huge goal the next day at Philly Pride Presents festival at the pier where she performed for the very first time in front of thousands, but more importantly, her mother. Alannah’s mother had never seen her perform prior to Philly Pride. She wanted her first performance in front of her mom to be monumental – and boy was it! What a great gift!

While reigning Jimmy would like to perform all over the Tri-State area, including Philly Black Pride and New York as well as LA. Best wishes Jimmy! May all your dreams come true! Make your community proud!

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