A New Lesbian Bar in Philadelphia

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

The community was saddened a year ago when Sisters, the city’s only lesbian bar, closed its doors. While there were still parties for lesbians in the community, including Stimulus, the Big Gay Boat Party and Pulse events, there is no longer a 7 day a week space for the women. As we reported before, this isn’t just a loss for the lesbian community, but the entire Philadelphia Community.

Amber Hikes, producer of the popular Stimulus parties stated "The important thing to remember is that this is not just a hit to the lesbian community: it’s a blow to the City of Philadelphia," said Hikes.  "This kind of loss affects us on a larger scale, in other areas like tourism. Lesbians who are considering traveling to Philadelphia often seek out options for nightlife before they choose to visit. Lacking a 365 lesbian bar hurts us tremendously."

After the bar closed, Denis Cohen, the manager kept a positive attitude about a new lesbian space. "Something will open up.  There will be a space," she said.  "Do I want to be a part of it?  Of course I do!"

Well after a year, her dream might come true.

"Every event I run or attend, I am asked over and over, when will we get a new place?" said Cohen. "For nearly a year now I have been trying every option I could think of to make that happen and now there is a plan in place and with the help of our Community, Friends and Family it is time to bring a new LGBT space to Philly."

Cohen and a team of investors have found a location and are poised to open a new lesbian bar in Philadelphia – but before they will invest any funds they must see that Cohen has raised her own funds and that our community is there to support this project. To that end, Cohen created a crowd sourced fund raiser looking to raise at least $50,000 towards the $250,000 needed to open the bar. Members of the community can donate online.

While no information can be released about the space until funding is secured, Cohen did tease "It will feature several bar areas, private bottle service VIP room, dancing and entertainment along with an amazing kitchen to produce a fantastic menu. Of course in addition to being a new place to come out and play, the opening of this space brings employment to our community: DJ’s, door staff, dancers, servers, cooks and of course bartenders!"

Donating not only helps this new space open, it also gives you some great rewards including invitation to the pre-opening party, VIP status and even having your own reserved space!

If all goes well, we could expect a new space opened by the end of the year.

So we encourage everyone to log on and donate whatever you can to help make this new space a reality!


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