The Weird Beard Revue

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Picture it. 7 PM on a Saturday night in Philadelphia. I’d just slipped into the entrance of L’etage (624 S 6th Street, right off of Bainbridge), ascended an unassuming flight of stairs and once I reached the top I was transported to the 1920’s with soft lighting and decorative papered walls. L’etage is a true throwback to the types of nightclubs seen on episodes of Boardwalk Empire, but the soulful grooves being spun by DJ Aura act as a reminder that it is indeed 2014.

As I took my seat at the bar I noticed a section in front of the dining area concealed behind large, red velvet curtains. I was intrigued, but what was about to happen next when the curtains opened is the part that really caught my attention.

There was a handsome man on stage with a mustache wearing a beautiful necklace, dangling earrings and a red onesie like JJ Evans from Good Times. And if that wasn’t weird enough as I looked around the room I noticed a few more distinctive characters like the bearded guy in a dress with a bow in his long brown hair. And my personal favorite person of the night, the man wearing the cat suit.

No literally, he was wearing a singlet with a cat’s face plastered over the front.

Before you start to wonder why were there so many weird dudes in attendance let me assure you that they were definitely supposed to be there as I had stumbled upon the Weird Beard Revue.

This cabaret, a Josh Schonewolf production, is a cornucopia for the senses because of its unique and entertaining nature.

Our host for the evening Mistor Fahrenheit (aka Red Onesie or White JJ) opened the show by saying “There’s gonna be lots of birthday parties tonight so be expecting some drunk white women”

Shortly after that announcement Mistor Fahrenheit launched into his performance; a medley of songs featuring Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’ and a re-enactment of a scene from the movie Home Alone.

Next up was The Amazing Brettzo who performed an arousing burlesque version of the Pee Wee Herman dance as The Champs’ “Tequila” played in the background. And how would one such performer end this number? By pulling a small bottle of tequila from the front pocket of his underwear and taking a shot.


Everything that followed was just as weird, just as cool and just what you’d expect from the Weird Beard Revue.

One of my favorite parts of the night is when performer Danny Deville stepped on stage dressed as culturally popular villainess Maleficent.

But wait, that wasn’t even the hottest part.

That part came when Danny, as Maleficent, did a magical Wonder Woman spin and transformed himself into Sleeping Beauty, ending his act by blowing rose petals into the audience.


Another highlight from the night is when world-champion ukulele player Eric Jaffe teamed up with Lili StQueer to sing a very adorable song about liking someone. It was a sweet song with a raunchy, confusing chorus that made the audience howl with laughter.

The Weird Beard Revue is equal parts drag, burlesque, comedy and live music featuring talented performers and a relaxing vibe inside one of the most chilled out venues in Philadelphia. If you like good music, good drinks and seeing a bunch of men sing and take their clothes off then you definitely need to check out the Weird Beard Revue.

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