Interview with Dwayne Dunlevy

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“I love cold weather,” replied Dwayne Dunlevy not long ago on a crisp morning. This New Hope resident will be presiding over multiple Thursdays this fall at New Hope’s Rrazz Room. He spoke about the shows, his career and what’s next – and current – on the horizon for him in and around New Hope.

“The Rrazz Room is in the Ramada Hotel, which I remember as The Nevermore,” he said. “I started out at The Nevermore first as the host.  I later helped with booking talent. I became the assistant to the entertainment director at the time. She was very generous in teaching me the ropes of the business. As a kid, I was able to meet some pretty awesome people in the business. It was a great time. Then, one day, she had to leave for personal reasons.  It had to be sudden and severe for it to have happened so quickly.  She said to me to take over as the entertainment director. I was taken aback at first and then I realized the great opportunity that was being handed to me. I said yes. For three years I was the entertainment director of The Nevermore.”

So why did the venue close when it was a success, he was asked. “Unfortunately, when the owner of The Nevermore died of pancreatic cancer, the hotel was sold to new owners who did not want the entertainment venue to continue,” he replied.

Dwayne Dunlevy then said, “Rory and Robert run the Rrazz Room now at the Ramada in New Hope. They are great guys who really know how it should be done. I’ve been given the opportunity to host a few Thursday nights,” he said, continuing, “October 16, November 6, and December 18 are the three dates for 2014. Each show will be different. I want to give working people a place where they can let down their hair and relax, without having to eat a full dinner.  Of course, they can, but we will have lighter fare along with the usual refreshments. Each night will have a different combination of music, comedy and audience-participation games I call ‘The Funnest Way to Spend a Thursday.’”

Dwayne Dunlevy was born in Edison, New Jersey, but has lived in New Hope with his partner for many years, “Not that far from the Rrazz Room. As a matter of fact, I can walk there,” he said. “I love living here,” he continued, “and I love the people who live here. It’s a great place, being centrally located as it is between New York City and Philadelphia. Wilmington isn’t that far away, either. I would like New Hope to be an even more exciting destination, and the Rrazz Room is a positive step towards that goal.”


Dwayne Dunlevy will be the DJ for a dance party on November 1 for the benefit of United Paws of Bucks County. It will be held at the site of the old January’s club on Aquatong Road in New Hope. “January’s was a great place in the 1970s for gay people to meet and have fun. This night of dancing on November 1st will, we hope, bring back memories as well as some of the fun people had when they went out in New Hope, and it’s for a great cause,” Dwayne added enthusiastically that “It’s the day after Halloween, so it’s a second chance to wear your fabulous costumes, and you may win prizes for the best costumes.” For more information about the benefit, visit

What else is Dwayne Dunlevy doing? He hosts a show called “In the Green Room” broadcast on PA/NJ, which he says, “features what’s new and happening in Bucks, Hunterdon, and Mercer Counties, and the world! I say ‘the world’ because it is an internet radio station, so everyone can listen in.”

A believer in astrology, Dwayne Dunlevy is a Sagittarius, “Like Dick Clark and Tina Turner,” he said, and added, “Purple is my power color.” No doubt, we will see him wearing some shade of it somewhere he is performing in New Hope.

For more information on Dwayne Dunlevy’s appearances at the Rrazz Room, visit their website at

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