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Nicholas Rodriquez, a young actor who has played Jesus Christ, Tarzan, and a gay activist and lover on TV, will soon be starring as Sir Lancelot in the Two River Theater production of “Camelot.” He recently spoke about his future role and the other things that matter to him.

“I studied for a classical music career, in opera,” said Nicholas Rodriquez recently. “So it was an extra step for me to take to appreciate jazz and musical theatre. I really was lucky to have my agent get me my first job in ‘Candide.’” Nicholas began his love of the stage early in life. As he says, he began appearing onstage in high school in Texas. “I grew up in Austin, which is a very progressive place to live in Texas. I was part of a tight family unit. I was busy with community theatre and I appeared in productions in high school. I had lots of support from my teachers. I was also good at sports, so I guess that made me rather well-rounded.”

He continued that he had come out in his early 20s, so his role as a gay activist and lover in a committed relationship on ABC’s “One Life to Live” for which he received the GLAAD Media Award, the 2009 Visibility Award, and, along with his co-stars, “Men of the Year,” was not too far from the truth of who he is in real life. “The ABC thing began as a three-appearance engagement which luckily for me lasted for a year. I was told that the role really hit a chord with viewers who saw a real person, not just a gay cliché. This was in 2009, which was a time when this sort of representation was still something not much seen on TV,” Nick stated.

Nick Rodriquez is prominent and active in the GLBT community, having just appeared in the Harvey Milk concert in New York City, and he serves as the Artistic Director of Broadway Dreams Foundation, which is, according to its mission statement, “a premiere performing arts education nonprofit, [which] presents training, mentoring and career opportunities in musical theater for performing arts students from all socio-economic backgrounds.”

As for his role as Lancelot on the Red Bank stage, Nick had much to say about the knight who is friend to his king, yet seduces his friend’s wife. “We relate to Lancelot, I believe. We all look for spiritual perfection, as he does, but perfection in anything is impossible, because we are human. This is the tragic flaw in all of us, and of being human. I think it is a constant battle between ‘Confidence and Arrogance,’ if you need a term to explain it.” And what of director David Lee? Nick was asked about working with the famed director. “David is a great director to work with. He re-wrote the play, making it a tighter, sexier version of the original. He kept the essence of the play, while paring down the 24 characters to 8.” This is definitely director David Lee’s year, since his new, bright and shiny production of “Can-Can” is now playing at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn. He is also known for his work on the TV series, “Frasier.”

And what of this philandering knight? How does Nick Rodriquez the actor and activist feel about polyamory, bisexuality, and fooling around? “I am in a committed relationship. As for anyone else, I feel that each person should find out what works for you and for your loved one. I believe the number one rule is to be respectful to yourself, your loved one, and to anyone else involved.”

What is on the horizon for this young star? “’Kiss of the Spider Woman’ will be a future project, as is a cabaret act performance at 54 Below in New York City. I love cabaret, and the intimacy it provides an artist. I am also working on my first album, but I can’t say much about it right now. Looking ahead to 2015, I will be doing ‘Mothers and Sons’ next spring in Austin, Texas.”

What else would Nick Rodriquez like to say to his audience? “This ‘Camelot’ will be fresh, and the costumes will show a lot of skin.” Sort of like your “Tarzan” role on Broadway, he was asked? “Well … let’s just say the audience will be seeing a lot of me,” he laughed. According to advance publicity, “Camelot” will have “brief scenes involving nudity.” Now that’s interesting indeed.

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