Judy Gold at the Rrazz Room: ‘If You Only Knew the Agony’

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Judy Gold is the proud mother of two children, and enjoys a loving same-sex relationship with her partner. She won two Emmy Awards for her work as writer and producer on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. In addition to being a glamorous woman-about-town, comedian, writer, producer, and actress, Judy Gold is also a daughter, and thereby hangs a tale. She states that she is at the point in her life where she has found the strength to just say no. Recently, she said yes to this interview where she spoke about her craft, her past, and her future.

Ms. Gold, you will be appearing in New Hope, PA, on December 13 at the Rrazz Room. Tell us something about your show, and why you're appearing at the Rrazz Room.

JG: My show is called "If You Only Knew the Agony." It will be part new material, featuring some stand-up that I think will fit into the theme. Since I turned 50, I hate everyone. I have the feeling now that I should tell everyone not to waste my time. Life is too short to put up with a lot of nonsense. I already did that for others. Now, it's my turn for people to put up with me for a change. Call it Karma, if you like. As for the Rrazz Room, I love it. I've appeared there before. It's a great place."

Where did the title come from?

JG: "I was performing in 'The Vagina Monologues' while I was six months' pregnant. A smart move, many would agree. My mother came to see me in one performance. Of course, she arrived early, like 11:30 am for a 2 pm show. She arrived a little early, just in case 'she was needed.' She needed assistance getting to her seat, so I helped her to her seat. There was plenty of time, you can imagine. When the usher handed her a program for the show, he asked her if everything was alright. She responded, 'If You Only Knew the Agony.' Not 'yes, thank you,' as ordinary people would. So, in a way, you can call it an homage to my mother."

How did you start out being funny as a profession? Did you emulate anyone, to follow in their footsteps?

JG: "First thing, I believe you can't learn 'funny.' You either have it or you don't. The household I grew up in valued cleverness, and witty, sardonic humor. We were all under the yoke of an overbearing mother, so it was a defense mechanism. If you were funny, you were considered smart, so I was funny. That was the Golden Rule: be funny or die. Hey, 'Golden.' That's a pun! To answer your question about where I first appeared professionally … Let me see … I would have to say it was at a place in New Jersey called the Charter House Restaurant. It was the early 1980s, I think I was 19. Every place had stand-up in those days. So that was the first time I can remember when I tried it on a dare."

You mentioned New Jersey. Are you from New Jersey?

JG: "Yes, I'm from New Jersey. I attended Rutgers University."

You are often seen on The Today Show's notorious "Kathie Lee and Hoda" show on NBC. Tell us something about that.

JG: "Lisa Lampanelli, Susie Essman, and I appear every so often on the show. I believe we try to do it once a month, which is not too often, but often enough! You should hear what we say off the air. That's the funny stuff. On the subject of turning 50, for instance, we recently gave Hoda tips about turning 50, since it was her 50th birthday. We gave her a life alert button in case she falls and can't get up.

Ms. Gold, What are your plans for 2015? Do you have anything else to say to our readers?

JG: "For 2015, I'm creating a new stand-up act, and working on my podcast. I will be taking the show I'm doing in New Hope on the road. I will be doing a number of things. What else to say to your readers? I love New Hope. I'm happy to be coming back. I remember appearing at Odette's. That must have been what? Over 25 years ago, at least. Everyone says the holidays are a time of great joy. Well, forget that. Why bother with that garbage? I hope that everyone who wants a large dose of reality and fun will come and have a good time on December 13."

Judy Gold will appear at the Rrazz Room in New Hope, PA on Saturday, December 13. For more information, visit http://www.therrazzroom.com

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