4 Holiday Looks for Men!

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The holiday season has begun, and for the next few weeks many of us have a hectic schedule. From attending the annual office party to the traditional holiday festivities with friends and family, we all need to put together outfits that will provide comfort and style. If your family is anything like mine, the holidays turn from a fun family gathering to a judgmental episode of “Fashion Police,” which is why I’m always on top of my fashion game. As an early Christmas present to you all, I have handpicked four holiday outfits that will earn you title of best dressed at any occasion.

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A Casual Christmas

The holidays are the time of the year when you’re supposed to sit back, eat all that you can, and reminisce with family. The challenge is dressing comfortably without looking messy or too informal. Here is an easy fix: a corduroy pant paired with boots and topped off with a wool cardigan provides warmth while remaining chic and trendy. Try adding some accessories to tie the entire look together.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

You’re home from the big city and no doubt want to make a good impression on Mom and Dad. Blending formal and informal styles is a great way to get a sophisticated look with a hint of a relaxed feel. Slim fitting pants, a button down shirt, dress shoes, and a blazer take care of the formal aspect of the outfit, while trying a cool “ugly” sweater or t-shirt adjoins the contrasting styles into one.

The Holiday Party

For the 21 and over crowd holiday parties are a great time to mingle with co-workers and friends, why not look good while doing so? Choosing an outfit with unique tailored pieces creates a remarkable silhouette; be bold and incorporate bursts of color throughout – this is definitely my personal favorite.

A Formal Affair

For those people who attend and/or host upscale holiday events maybe chinos or “ugly” sweaters just don’t cut it – want to know what does? A crisp suit, loafers, and a pocket square! A long wool coat and scarf will compliment the suit nicely. Remember, simplicity is an important rule when dealing with formal wear.

Putting together the perfect holiday outfit can be somewhat of a challenge but with these four looks you are sure to look your very best. Feel free to change up any aspects of the outfits above to match your personal style, that’s what is going to make the looks so fascinating.

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