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Ok boys and (or, sometimes, becoming?) girls, the phenomena that sweeps Philadelphia and has literally hundreds of attendees clamoring at lively bars, in some of the city's swankiest rooms is here tonight; OurNightOut will perch itself high above the city at Top of the Tower, 1717 Arch Street with food aplenty, a cash bar and some of the most beautiful people milling about the sky.

The question many of us wonder after a long day of work on a Tuesday evening: "What to wear?" Never fear! The former Mr. Queer is here to chat with you about your style.

I know, I know, the event is from 6-8 pm and most of us will not have the chance to return home from our daily grinds to change for a cocktail hour. Most of us will have left our homes bundled up with warmth, not fashion on the brain (and few of us are as ridiculous as I and will keep a wardrobe of clothing at our offices.) Luckily, business casual is all you need! So loosen your tie, open up the button down and keep your scent in check, because there's nothing worse than entering a crowded room where "Hermes Terre", "CK1" and "Old spice" have gone to war in the air!

Chic this season is all in the accessories.

While it's true your best accessory is your smile, don't underestimate the power of a pocket square, scarf, braces or "American suspender," waist coat or "American vest," cravat, and yes… even a jewel! Let's not kid ourselves boys, the broach or "lapel pin" is in! Whatever you do don't be afraid of color. In a room like this one where deals are made, relationships forged and the flash of cameras REAL, be free to express yourself inwardly and outwardly with the language of style, which is rarely limited to black or white.

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Until tonight,

[Contributing stylist KENTON Magazine]

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