Margaret Cho Talks about Sex, Cheese Steaks and Her Drag Name

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She's wild, she's funny, she's brazen, she's Margaret Cho and she's coming to Philadelphia. Marget Cho will be appearing at Helium Nightclub from Mary 19 – 21 and shows area already selling out. We sat down with Margaret to ask her some questions about Philadelphia, sex and ask her some questions some of our fans had for her.

Steve McCann: You have been reaching out to the homeless in memory of Robin Williams. How did you get started with that, and how has it been received? What have you learned in the process?

Margaret Cho: I wanted to honor Robin and remember his legacy as an activist for the homeless. It was very well received and it helped many people. I learned that people are incredibly generous when prompted and that busking is a lot of fun!

SM: How are Philly Audiences different than other cities you have played? What is your favorite part about Philadelphia?

MC: I love the food! Cheese steaks are the best! And I've actually not played Philly often – this will be one of my first big run of multiple shows there so I'm thrilled.

SM: Your new show explores women's sexuality and encouraging women to talk more openly about sex. In that vein, tell us how you lost your virginity.

MC: Oh it's actually not a good story. But I learned about sex and intimacy much later and in much better ways. Being from San Francisco, there were many scenes and subcultures to dive into. It was crazy and great.

SM: Guest Question from Rudy Flesher – "What are the current inspirations for your work and, as you move into a new TV show, can we expect your work to evolve away from stand-up?"

MC: I will always do stand-up as that is my primary art form but I'm inspired constantly by music, certainly my recent charity project in memory of Robin Williams which was mostly rock and roll. My new TV show is exciting – 'All About Sex' is really a great platform to show off my knowledge and help women understand themselves and their bodies. It's very healing and important.

SM: Guest Question from Pandora Boxx, from RuPaul's Drag Race – "Does she need a drag queen best friend?? And if she was a drag queen what would her name be?"

MC: I love Pandora Boxx and she's in the running for sure! And I'm not sure what my drag name would be. That's actually something I never though of before. If you use the formula of first pet + street you lived on – it would be Lucky Washington!

I think Lucky Washington would make an amazing drag queen don't you? Check her out in person when she performs at Helium Nightclub May 19 – 21.

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