What To Wear: iCandy Stoplight Party

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

OK ok… so its time again for ICandy’s Annual Valentine’s Day Stoplight Party. You know, the one where you wear Red for taken, Yellow for open, and Green for single while you peruse the party floor for your perfect match? An over 21 event starting at 10:00pm and ending at 2am with drink specials $5 dollars and under.

And you’re wondering what to wear?

Well, it is said that life imitates art, and the art of Fashion, seems with this one, to be no exception! Lets go back to basics: when we stylists truck into a client’s home to dress them, we use tools called fashion analytics. Within that framework of analytic tricks is one for choosing clothing tones that compliment the client and give them the ability to “best speak there intentions” with the language of clothing. We call this color analysis. Today, let’s just focus on reds, yellows and greens.

Red is said to be the most intense color in the rainbow, the one that causes us to stop in our tracks and pay attention. It’s a color (like Love) that everyone can wear. Be selective in your application of red however, because the wearer can appear heavy due to the intensity of its vibrancy. Like in a committed relationship red is a bold commitment that, worn well, can bring out the most wonderful emotions.

Yellow is to caution as wearing it should be to you! A cheerful attention-seeking interruption, yellow lacks in intensity what it makes up for in transparency. People are said to lose their tempers more quickly in yellow rooms, babies cry more often, and the eyes have the most trouble taking it in. It’s no wonder only 10 percent of people in the world look good in yellow. As a color that does not flatter everyone, be mindful when choosing this way to communicate. While fun, it can be a disastrous choice, leaving you washed out and others distracted in the end.
Green is the most popular color in the world! It’s no surprise that while not always ideal, there is a shade of green that is safe for everyone! A calming color said to bring on renewal and self reflection, it also symbolizes fertility, wealth and serenity. And while most wear green at some point in their life, it tends to leave each of us longing for more!

What color will you wear? Will you stop us in our tracks and make us pay attention to the emotions in your life? Will you keep our focus out of focus with a little fun in the sun? Or will you calm us with your choice that says I’m ready for more?

Looking forward to seeing your color choice Friday night! [Feb 13]

Until then I remain,

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