The Incredible Lascivious Jane

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most honest and passionate performers I've ever encountered; Lascivious Jane. Like I start most of my interviews, I asked for a insight into this "Burlesqueer" performers life.

Her career really amped up over the last two years, so much so that she knew she could what so many night life performers dream to do. Pay her rent by performing full time, a truly remarkable feat. Lascivious works a variety of jobs such as (Wo)manning the doors at local bars, opening shows, along with headlong her own. She also makes time to produce original shows, but performing is where her heart is. "I love performing for my community, and when I'm not on stage I love producing smooth and well run shows filled with talented and diverse performers."

A new favorite task of Lascivious is acting as a "FemmeCee" for a variety of shows. Tabu is her performance home, and has been instrumental to the success of Liberty City Kings Drag and Burlesque. She recently won the title of Ms. Philadelphia Leather in Mr & Ms. Philadelphia Leather Contest. The contest had been on hiatus since 2009, and there hasn't been a female winner since 2005.

I asked her how it felt to win:

"Unbelievable. An amazing feeling. It's challenging to compete against yourself… I was the only woman competing but it wasn't a guaranteed win. I had to get enough points… On stage the community support I felt was incredible. It was nice to kick the anxiety I had all day. It's such an honor to be the first woman to wear the sash in 10 years."

I asked her why she was drawn to leather;

"I was drawn to leather because it makes me feel incredibly sexy and powerful while wearing it, the community is also a huge part, it's a the community of people that do amazing things for the area. In another life, I was a leather Daddy"

It wasn't all leather and burlesque from the beginning, it started when she was drawn to drag.

"I came out while watching drag queens and drag kings, I watched in awe, and my ex wife was drag king, and she introduced me to the idea, eventually, together we started Liberty City Kings Drag and Burlesque" (her ex wife is no longer part of the troupe)

We started LiCK as a place for drag kings but quickly grew to include burlesque and evolving over time to include drag queens and eventually gender fucked performances. The troupe is going on 8 years strong auditions for the troupe are coming up, you can get all the information here

What shows do you have coming up?

Lascivious will be Guest judging Faux Queen Thursday at Voyeur
Lascivious will be performing at Helium Night Club Wednesday
LiCK will be at the Stimulus Winter Wonderland Ball Friday night
LiCK Auditions are Saturday at Tabu


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