Two Virgins in a Strip Club

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I should probably state that neither I, nor the stripper in this story are actual virgins. Stripper Bobby (or just Bobby from here on out) actually told me, and showed me all the ways he likes to plow his girlfriend, but I digress from the concept of this blog post.

Me on the other hand, until last night I was a "strip club" virgin. Never set foot in either a female or male strip club, and my only experience came from awkwardly watching random strip club scenes in "The Sopranos" with my dad, or "Magic Mike" with my mom. So after some research I knew I needed $1 for just the tip and $20 to go all the way… to the back room.

I picked a button down shirt and left and extra button open to show off my chest / tattoo, I wasn't sure if strippers were immune to flirting, but I was going to try my hardest to get a stripper to buy me a drink (spoiler alert, didn't work.) I turned off the Oscars Red Carpet Coverage (not an easy thing to do) and headed out to meet up with a few friends, there was no way I was doing this alone.

I walked to 1925 Cocktail Lounge and descended into one of the most swankified places in town. The walls were covered with clean and crisp velvet wallpaper. While I expected dingy and shady, I was presented with a clean, comfortable and perfectly lit environment that enthralled me. After checking my coat with one of the nicest women I have ever met, I stepped into the lounge. There must be some sort of "fresh meat" bell because within second I had 6+ "Buff Boyz" vying for my attention, and I hadn't even tipped them yet! I walked the length of the lounge in search of some liquid courage. Heniken in hand, I grabbed a seat in the "public" seating area, across from me were raised platforms with plush couches designated as the "bottle service" seats.

Within second I had 4 strippers vying for my attention, I've never felt so popular and attractive. But from my research I knew to keep them around I had to tip them, so out came the dollar bills. I was fairly liberal at first because you know, men in their underwear, but one of my friends quickly reminded me not to blow my load too quickly, the night was still young. This is where Virgin Stripper Bobby comes into the picture. He was being led around like a puppy by some of the more seasoned workers, so I could tell he was new and I thought to myself, it's time to turn the tables and see how much I can play with the new kid.

I waved him over with a $5 and told him I wanted to chat, purely for the purpose of this story. It was clear he was just as nervous and excited as I was. He started talking about his girlfriend, which was kind of a turn on, who doesn't love a straight boy that "wants" to give you a lap dance? So before I knew it out came the $20 and I was being led to a private room towards the back, that's when his hand slid down my chest and I…

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