Two Virgins in a Strip Club – Part 2

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This is Part 2 – Read Part 1 first.

So virgin stripper Bobby took me to the back room and casually stuffed the $20 I slipped him into his shoe for safe keeping. He let me know that my payment afforded me a 1 song lap dance, and since we were mid song he told me we could just chat until the next song started. I got to know him a bit more, he’s a straight boy (as were 70% of the men dancing that night) from Jersey, it was his first time ever dancing without clothes on, and apparently his girlfriend encouraged it, something about a fantasy of hers. To be honest I was only partially paying attention, I was distracted by the lap dances happening around the room. Some of these guys were getting really into it, grunting and groaning while flipping themselves into all sorts of flexible positions that even most avid yoga instructors dream about.

Without me noticing, the current song had ended and "my" song had begun. Bobby wasted no time gyrating his hips into mine and grabbing my hands to encourage me to explore his chest and abs. Every 30 seconds or so he’d hop off of me to kiss my neck and dry hump me. His underwear slid to his hip bones exposing a lack of pubic hair and Bobby believed in bouncing his bulge as frequently as possible. I wasn’t going to complain. Just when I started getting into it, my song was over, and like a trained professional he leaned in and whispered "One more dance?" I was close to slipping him another $20 but I remembered there are other boys to meet, and I should probably save money for groceries. So I thanked him for his time and walked back to my friends… well where my friends were sitting. Let me tell you, nothing scarier than thinking you’ve been ditched in a strip club. Turns out they were all busy getting busy with the variety of men that worked the floor. We all had our favorites, some of us even shared a favorite. Remind me to tell you the story of Stripper 8404 sometime.

Overall I had a great night, the relaxed environment provided a great place for my friends to actually socialize (read: hear each other talk) while enjoying eye candy. The strippers were attentive but not pushy, and the drinks were fairly priced. I’d give the place an 8/10 and I’ll definitely be back with some friends.

Check out BuffBoyzz every Sunday at 1925 Lounge.

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