Winner of Ms Everything: Saphira Cristal

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

One of my favorite thigns about being a writer for PhillyGayCalendar is the ability to talk to people I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet. This week I got to chat with the winner of Miss Everything, Sapphira Cristal, about her recent success!

Seriously though, check out her pictures she’s fierce!

How do you feel about winning?
I'm elated! When Josh asked me to do this I was a little hesitant, but I figured that since I wouldn’t be in town a lot, it would be a way for me to definitely get out in Philly. Once I was in it I realized that the title really spoke to me. I am Miss Everything! I'm blessed with many talents and I began to feel that this would be a wonderful platform to show the peeps that I am here to make moves!!!!!

What was your toughest Challenge?
My toughest challenge was finding enough time, while traveling and performing to prepare something new for a each week.

Do you have a favorite queen?
Tommi Ross! She brings a level of poise and elegance to the stage that is so refined it makes you just want to watch her all day long.

What's next for you?
You can keep up with all my performances on my Facebook fan page and on the new Drag My City app.

I also dropped a line to Josh Schonewolf to ask how he felt about her win: "I am over the moon about Sapphira winning. She is EVERYTHING. She's a New York Queen and to work in NYC you need to be as good as Sapphira. So when I met her back in December, I told her about Miss Everything and Drag wars as fun ways to get your name out there, for new queens in Philly. The thing is, she won 4 challenges, more than anyone in the history of my everything shows. She really brought her A Game. And I'm so excited to see what's next for her.

Until the next competition, Saphira Cristal will be Philadelphia’s Miss Everything!

Photo by: Jonathan Hernandez

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