Something Stupid

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Something Stupid happens in Philly every Wednesday night… and while it may be labeled as "stupid," rest assured it's actually something quite hilarious! You're probably lost, let me back up.

In what seems like an endless barrage of Drag shows that come and go, I found one I hope sticks around for quite some time. The show is called "Something Stupid" and it's a two-woman show that happens weekly at Voyeur. Describing the show is quite difficult because it's never the same.

Some weeks it primarily performance, and other weeks Mimi Imfurst and Pissi Miles spend a large chunk of time producing witty banter that gives me the belly laughs. There are spontaneous contests in which the contestants get to keep on their clothes… usually.

Drag shows are normally a good spot to get a free drink, and "Something Stupid" is no exception – last night 3 drinks and 6 shots were given out in just an hours time.

My only qualm (thank you SAT prep) is that like every other Drag show, except Ru Paul's, it starts on "drag time" aka an hour after it's suppose to, which always leads me to bitch "c'mon ladies I have work in the morning let's get this show moving"

Anyway, I'm finally getting over my hang over, I had no intentions of drinking on a Wednesday, but when the drink and shot are free… See you next time.

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