REVIEW: Bev’s Birthday Bitchfest!!!

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Now that the glitter has settled, I can see clear enough to let PhillyGayCalander readers know that they missed one hell of a show on Saturday night. Bev’s Bitchfest, to my understanding, is a bimonthly show that fills the second level of Tabu with top-notch performers, bringing their A-game to entertain the masses. When I say masses, I mean actual masses, a quick head count produced a number well over 150, which leads me to perhaps my only “gripe” of the evening. If you’re not in one of the forty-ish seats set up by Tabu, you’re not going to see shit, partially because of a large wall obstructing anyone at the bar's view, and partially because the stage is lit with one flood light.  

Aside from some view issues, not a single complaint was heard throughout the evening. There are many WONDERFUL things that make Bev’s shows stand out, but I’ve got my favorites. One, the show starts on time (thank you Jesus) and two, Bev’s mom is a regular attendee! Who doesn’t love some parental support? A real crowd pleaser. While the show bore Bev’s name, it was filled with many other crowd favorites. Ryan Wyrofsky pelted the audience with candy while singing about his debatable unfortunate erection and then was joined by Frankie Rowles to sing about the trials and tribulations of no-homo, homo love. Another of my favorite performers to take the stage was Winner of NYC's So You Think You Can Drag (and internet sensation) Alexis Michelle. She is most known for her insane costume transformation (see it here).  

Stand out performances by Sutton Fearce (Winner of Miss Boxed Wine 2015) and Larisa N Dupuis (Songbird Cycle 2 Winner); both for VERY different reasons. Sutton created a splash zone as she covered the audience in her vagina juices (still praying it was just water) and Larisa woo’d the audience with her silky voice.

You should probably go like Bev’s page on Facebook, because missing her next show would be a sin that not even she could convince God to forgive you for.

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