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Making an appearance at RAW this week at the Trocadero, local designer, Brandon Bermudez. This new face has been getting major props and attention once his sketches were reposted by divas such as the Kardashians and Iggy. Recently named on one of the "11 Artists to Follow on Instagram" by StyleCaster, his latest series, "Villains and Never Before Seen Inspired Villains and Princess"  collection will be on display at the Trocadero for fans to check out. I had a moment to chat with this amazingly talented and super cute guy this week…


Brittany Lynn: What kicked off your love of design?

Brandon Bermudez: I was always one to be interested in design. Growing up, my main focus was architecture, I always love building things and learning how things were built just by looking at them. But in high school I always had a bold and fun sense of style. With that, I started wondering how clothes were made, and how I can translate my style into design, which lead me into the design process in fashion.

BLWhat is it about Disney that inspires you?

BB: Disney and anything fairytale-based inspires me; I was always more interested with what the characters wore than the characters throughout the movies. I always wanted to create that moment when the peasant transformed into a princess, but most of my work is very dark, so with that I enjoy showing more of the elegant and beauty of a villain. I mean, everyone deserves a happy ending, even the bad guy.

BL: I see you get a lot of love from pop stars, who are some of your biggest celeb fans? 

BB: I wouldn’t know. They never really said they were a fan, they just enjoy [liked, followed, retweeted, reposted] me and my work.

BL: I’ve seen your work in a lots of fashion mags, at what point was your wow-I’m-really-doing-this moment?

BB: Probably 2 years ago and this year: the time where I got a chance to model for Patricia Field (Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada Stylist) 2014 Winter Look book. I got the chance to meet her personally, and I believe the words, “I’ve seen your work Bron, you’re a great designer for your age” came out of her mouth! I was 20 at the time and hearing that gave me that “wow moment.” And ever since then, everytime I get featured in a mag or showcase I always say, “wow im really doing this." And the time where I got to Dress for Oscar de la Renta’s Buyers showcase. It was such a great experience to meet high fashion models and buyers, and just to listen in on what's happening in fashion.

BL: Tell me about your upcoming event RAW? What are you most excited to show off?

BB: RAW has been something I always wanted to be a part of since I was 18. I always looked up at the artists who showcased their work and won awards. It's just weird, five years later and here I am about to showcase my new Villains and Princesses illustration series. My illustrations started getting very popular last year when celebrities like the Kardashians and Iggy reposted my work. After that, it all went uphill from there with job offers and personal clients. Then I took the summer off to create my first Villains Inspired Collection, which also got very popular. So this summer for my upcoming RAW event I’m showcasing never before seen, 8 villains and 8 princesses illustrations.

BL: What is coming in the future for you?

BB: Every day, I look at myself and realize how many amazing blessings I had in the past. I look at myself today and know my future will be filled with many more great opportunities. With what I know now, I’d like to see myself finish school next year, and maybe work under a few known designers such as the ones who inspire me, like: Zac Posen, Alexander Mcqueen, and Eduardo Castro (Designer for Once Upon a Time). Just to learn from them and begin starting on myself as a designer with my own collections. I realize when I set goals for myself, I complete them one way or another. 

BL: What would be your dream job as an artist?

BB: My dream job as an artist is to become a high fashion designer. I want to see my designs in stores, on celebrities, on billboards, walking the red carpet, and ending it with winning a CFDA Award (Council of Fashion Designers of America)… And then repeat it all over the following year. But for now, baby steps.

Be sure to check out Brandon and his amazing skills on Instagram @BronBermudez and besure to click the FOLLOW! And then go to the Trocadero to see his work Thursday 6/11 from 8-11:30p. 

And support Philly Raw Artists-https://www.facebook.com/PhillyRAWartists


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