The Top 10 People You’ll See At PRIDE

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You’re going to run into dozens, if not hundreds of people over the next few PRIDEful days. Let’s take a look at the top 10 people you’ll probably bump into…

1. Your Ex.
We know there are 1, 2… at least 10 of the people you've slept with wandering around. Try not to make a scene. They are avoiding you as much as you're avoiding them. Besides, what better place to find your next ex, but at pride?

2. Twink’s first day out
It’s their first time at a gay event, they are newly out, and more excited than a drag queen during the Snatch Game! Covered in tons of rainbows and glitter, they roam the festival looking for more rainbows and glitter, so beware! And before you roll your eyes, let’s be honest, we were all that newbie once and looking to explore the gay community for the first time. Enjoy their energy and excitement and welcome them out of the closet.

3. The Straight Girl
Yeah, we all hate them at Woody’s, those annoying random straight girls that have one gay friend, and can’t wait to find another to take SHOPPING. But during PRIDE, we are outside and we far outnumber them so they aren’t so bad. Plus, remember, they are more excited to see you then you are of them, so smile and pose with them for a quick selfie – and then tell them Woody’s was closed!

4. The Leather Man
If you have never been to the Bike Stop, you’ve probably never seen a leather guy (or gal)… and Pornhub doesn’t count. They might seem intimidating with their leather vest and hairy chest, but truth be told, they tend to be the nicest people in the Gayborhood (and that you'll ever meet). Just go up and ask them about one of the patches on their vest and I’m sure you will make a new friend (or “friend”) instantly.

5. Wet lesbians
It’s tradition in Philly, down by the water’s edge is the Dunk a Dyke Tank. So if you’re a good "pitcher," and you want show off while soaking a lesbian, this is the place to do it. The rest of us will watch. And if you aren't looking to actually dunk anyone, there is always one of the many fountains at Penn's Landing that seems to attract a variety of people to get wet.

6. Families and Parents
With gay marriage and adoption rights marching along, pride isn’t just for singles anymore – families are popping up everywhere. Philly Pride even has a family section that yearly wins the hearts of parade goers!

7. Pecs for days!
While this type of man finds every excuse to lose his shirt. Let's hope that this weekend's heat wave will provide him all the more reason to ditch his tank top to show off his sexy, well groomed, tan, glistening… you know what, we're not complaining.

8. Drunk Drag queens
Has anyone seen Mimi… Or Satine? They're probably wearing a tag that says "if lost, please return to PhillyGayCalendar."

9. Corporate Allies

Who cares if they're here to support you, they want your money and to save face! The bigger the company the better the swag! Find which table is giving out branded bags and fill it with branded swag (and those free condoms and lube that we all know you stock up on for the whole year)!

10. Burn in hell folk
No Pride event would be complete without a bunch of people that are so insecure with who they are, that they need to ruin a perfectly good day. Our suggestion? IGNORE THEM! You might want to yell and argue but that just what they want. To paraphrase the movie ‘Jeffrey’ "Just think of [them] as the guest that won’t leave, the one we all hate. But you have to remember: Hey! It’s still our party. "

Those are just some of the many different types of people you will meet at Pride – but there are thousands more waiting to meet you and celebrate their gayness with you on Sunday.

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Philly Pride Parade and Festival
Sun, June 14, 2015
11:30am – 6:00pm
Penn’s Landing

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