Top 5 OUTdoor Places to Eat, Drink, and be… GAY!

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Summer and Sun, they go together like a horse and carriage (only a few of you will get that reference…) and homos enjoying the sun is a tradition as old as time itself.* So join me while I list off the top 5 places to enjoy some sun and maybe catch the attention of that boy you’ve been stalking at 12th Street Gym… You know, the one that doesn’t really know you exsist, yet you’ve still managed to plan your wedding? 


1. Knock

Sure the median age of the crowd skews towards the older side of things later in the evening, but sitting outside along Locust Street isn’t just for daddies.

Pros: You can recharge with a coffee at the magical “Cake in the Beanstalk” post-drink, the garden view is gorgeous, AND Trevor Powell works here (he’s hot AND smart).

Cons: The “Knock Mimosa” can be dangerous (might actually be a “pro”). 


2. iCandy

When it comes to the staple, “I want to get a drink outside in the gayborhood,” iCandy always comes to mind. They’ve carefully crafted a Tiki Bar atmosphere that will keep you sweating off that water weight while you sip a frozen cocktail.

Pros: The roof top deck offers a pretty sexy view of the Philly Skyline, at somepoint a bar back will take off his shirt, and the drink names are slutty so you don’t have to be (unless you're feeling… fiesty).

Cons: Someone is always eating bar food which in the past has been a trigger for gay pizza craving (too soon?) and sweating through your shirt can be a little embarassing.


3. Woody’s

While 96% of Woody’s is in-doors, it does offer a mini patio on the ground level that allows for some good people watching. BONUS, you can see some of the faces you’ll see a Knock later in the evening in all their day time glory, sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing… you be the judge.

Pros: This “patio” offers the best people watching in the Gayborhood because no matter how much “we” hate it, we always end up either at Woody’s or walking past Woody’s. The drinks are strongest at Woody’s and you can watch the Rainbow Crosswalks detoriate in real time.

Cons: People get cliquey past 9pm, so good luck meeting a new face.


4. Graffiti Bar

If you’ve got the huevos to leave the Gayborhood (which you totally should try and do sometime) and cross Walnut, a short walk up from Woody's, you’ll find yourself near a dark ally next to Sampan with graffiti covered walls. Man-up and walk down it because you’ll end up in a small tucked away outdoor bar aptly named “Graffiti Bar.” Offering a handful of unique cocktails and some great happy hour snacks (only 2 months until sweater season) Graffiti bar is a hot spot to enjoy some outdoor bevvies.

Pro: New Faces and they have to accept us now. Obama said so.

Con: You probably won’t get laid… 


5. El Vez

You’ve probably been here once or twice and scoffed at the prices of their margaritas. But to change things up, don’t guac, but RUN to 13th and Sansom after work to get one of the few outside tables and enjoy the looks on the faces of the people that have to wait 2+ hours to get a seat.

Pros: Guacamole is delicious, there’s a photo booth, tequila makes people do dirty things

Cons: You still won’t get laid #GayBoyProblems


Honorable Mention to Boxers for ALMOST having their sh*t together and having an outdoor patio.


*no actual evidence supports this, sorry.

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