INTERVIEW with Jenna Pinchbeck about #OutLoudAtLast

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I get it, you've probably seen enough rainbows in the media over the last week, but today we offer you something even more. A picture of a rainbow, duct tape AND Brian Sims. A winning combination if you ask me.

Photographer Jenna Pinchbeck started a photo series right after SCOTUS' grand announcement that is kind of like the sequel to the NOH8 duct tape campaign, I spoke with Jenna briefly to take a peek inside the lens.

Chris Balbi: Describe yourself in 1 tweet, bonus points for a hashtag! (140 characters or less).

Jenna Pinchbeck: Photographer of the human spirit. Straight ally. Founder of The #OUTLoudAtLast Photo Campaign.

CB: Tell me about your current project.
JP: OUT Loud At Last is a photo campaign in response to Adam Bouska's NOH8 campaign. We are “removing the tape” and celebrating the legalization of Gay Marriage in the U.S.!
I was in NYC when the SCOTUS ruling hit the press, and I immediately wanted to celebrate by having a photoshoot. My Friends Kayla O’keefe and Schyler Conaway helped form the idea of “removing the tape” to reveal a rainbow and show our pride in finally being able to live OUT Loud At Last. It started as a group of my friends shooting in Astoria, NY and then an amazing man and WWII Veteran, Stanley, came up to us and asked what we were doing. We had the privilege of telling him the news and he was THRILLED saying, "I'm all for it! About time!” I asked if I could take a photo of him and he was more than happy to participate. It was Stanley who inspired us to keep asking people to join in the celebration. We were so touched by all of the amazing people we met and how positive the response was from everyone we asked.

CB: Your #OutLoudAtLast collection is growing quickly do you have any long term goals for this project?
JP: This has all happened so organically and quite swiftly that I haven’t even really had time to come up with a time line! I certainly want the celebration to continue and I want to share this campaign with as many people as possible. There have already been other photographers doing their own OLAL shoots. That makes me SO happy! I hope everyone can join in!

CB: If you could photograph anyone in the world, for OLaL or otherwise, who would it be?
JP: Ellen DeGeneres. Cliche? Probably. But she is such an inspiration and… I mean… I can only imagine how much fun that shoot would be!

CB: What's next for you? Any more OLAL shoots coming up?
JP: I definitely want to have more shoots soon. So far it’s just been approaching people on the street and explaining the campaign. I would love to have a scheduled event! I will be shooting for OLAL at Nightcap Cabaret’s “Our Boys Of Summer” cabaret on 7/12 at 7:00pm at Christ Church Neighborhood House. So each audience member will receive their very own #OLAL photo!

Jenna has some insane headshot skills, you can see them here – and you can keep up with the Out Loud At Last campaign on its instagram –
More into videos, OLaL has a great Youtube Promo too –

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