Top 10 Reasons The Boys of Summer Weekend, is the BEST Weekend!

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1) Pablo Hernandez

Most lists count down from 10 to 1, but Pablo is so hot I wanted to talk about him first. Pablo is a trained actor and commercial model of Spanish/Lebanese descent and has a BANGIN' Instagram. Seriously, google him. 

2) Porn Stars

BoS (Boys of Summer) gives you a chance to see/ meet the boys that usually live in your laptop, or iphone if you're on a family vacation and need to take that "extra long shower"… 

3) Outside Drinking

It's really only legal like 5 times a year, so take advantage of it. 

4) Carwash

 Like this, but in real life. 

5) Summer's Only Gay Pool Party

A lot can go on below the surface of the water, but we'll never tell! Now you can revil in the glory of a pool filled with gay men.

6) Cory Wade

Philly's finest is ready to woo you once again, the question is can you handle this much amazingness in one person?

7) Hundreds of hotties in swimsuits

You won't have to ask for a shirtless pic, because he'll already be shirtless.  

8) Outside Drinking

But seriously… it's fun to do things that are usually illegal.

9) Instagram Content

At this point in the summer, creating fresh social media content is tough, we're giving you an excuse to post shirtless selfies, just use the hashtag #Boys2015

10) It's in Philly.

The $40 dollars you'd spend in gas + the $50 dollars you'd spend to share a hotel room with your friends in Rehoboth can be spent on drinks, uber, food, and brunch right here in Philly. 

Boys of Summer 2015
August 7-9
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