The Catalina Wine Mixer

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Ladies and gentlemen your presence is requested at 9pm, Saturday, August 15th, at Tabu Sportsbar and Lounge, 200 S. 12th St. for the F#@king Catalina Wine Mixer!

What is The Catalina Wine Mixer, you ask? Direct from the Stonewall gang themselves, ”It’s the climactic event depicted in the hilarious movie, "Step Brothers," starring Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. The posh event is held in a picturesque Oceanside location in California complete with jazz band, butlered hors d’oeuvres and yuppies mingling as they decide whether or not to buy helicopters.”

We are not only serving you bodacious amounts of wine (Canyon Road Wineries), cheese, and delicious, live entertainment (Brittany Marie, Thom Sirkot, yours truly, and a special surprise guest), plenty of fun drinking games, we are giving you the chance to come and play in all your 80’s, preppy realness! Your $10 cover will get your first drink, and the evening's proceeds will directly benefit The Mazzoni Center, a Stonewall Philadelphia Charity.

But what to wear? We searched the boat yards and golf courses, and found a fabulous clique of dudes and dudettes to mode some of the best looks from 1%
“Jasper”: Break out a sport coat and casually throw it over your shoulder because you’re too cool to actually put it on. Pair it with a short sleeve dress shirt and a bowtie and you’ve got country club gold!
“Carlton”: Hold a wine glass in one hand, and find some balls to put in the other. A jacket gracefully wrapped around that popped-collar polo and gently adorned with pastel shorts lets everyone know that you are here to par-tay!
Twins “Buffy” and “Quentin”: Double your pleasure and double your fun with a clingly summer dress and a sweater knot, or that classic “Miami Vice” jacket with a colorful pant. whether you're ready to bust the bad guys or attempt to take down the nerdiest Greek house on the block, these looks are a sure fire way to have you looking best.
“Skip”: I definitely swoon over any preppy jock that pops his collar and shows you how to toss around his balls. More importantly, his trust fund will not get depleted by this classic and simple look.
“Margaux”: When she’s ready to play, she's ready to drink! Printed sun dresses are always fashionable on the boat, helicopter, or the Rolls (Royce that is) ready to whisk you off to Martha’s Vineyard for whatever benefit your rich friends are throwing!
“Ambrose": Stripes are always hot, hot, HAWT! Fun short shorts and a sensible wedge, girl, you are ready to take on the beach! Mix and match some clunky jewels and of course a crisp glass of chilled white wine say "o! I just threw this outfit together at the last minute! ;-)"
“Lysander”: It doesn’t matter where you are going because this look fits any occasion! Match any bright, solid jacket with some plaid/seer sucker short, popped polo, and the kind of sunglasses that beg you to keep staring deep at his eyes,wondering what this hottie is thinking or what he is looking at! (Probably something about the stock market… And your boobs… errrr butt.)

Get your kit and get those wine glass charms ready for the CATALINA WINE MIXER, this Saturday at Tabu! Thank you to all our models-you are simply GAW-GEOUS!

Love and lashes,
Brittany Lynn


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