Vinchelle aka Shea Butter Werk – Drag Wars 6 Winner

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Last Thursday, Cycle 6 of Philly Drag Wars ended with a fierce battle, and while the competion was hot, in the end, one queen was crowned. We have a PhillyGayCalendar exclusive, Vinchelle aka Shea Butter Werk's first interview after her win of Mimi Imfurst's "Drag Wars."

Describe the entire Drag Wars process in 1 tweet (less than 140 characters) bonus points for a hash tag. 
Drag wars is fun, hard, and a huge learning experience! #Draglicious

How's it feel to be the first African American Queen to win?
I am very honored and humbled to be the first black queen to win… It feels good to represent for the black girls. I also hope to inspire other black queens to come out in a primarily white drag scene and be the best you can be, without feeling like you do not fit in! It's not about the color of your skin, it's about your dedication and what you bring to the table!

If you could book a gig/ show at any venue in philly what would you want to do?
I'm actually so blessed to have many different gigs coming up. I would say I am most excited to perform with Katya from RuPauls Drag Race Season 7 at Voyuer this week!!!! That's one I've been waiting for!

Give me a blind item. A piece of gossip, or shade without giving a name.
One of the top 5 contestants, who shall remain nameless, deleted me off of Facebook right after I won… She had too much bitters that night. lol

Would you ever do Drag Race?
Hell yes, in a heartbeat… I admire RuPaul soooo much. I have watched Drag Race since day one. That is the main reason why I am doing drag today. People like Raja, Jujube, Alaska, Tyra, Shangela, Mimi, Alyssa Edwards, and many more inspire me daily. I would love nothing more than to showcase my drag to a huge audience like Drag Race. Plus, the fame and bookings aren't bad either

And in her own words from Facebook:

WOW!! I am Philadelphia's next drag superstar!!! I am so blessed to have this title… Last night was full of several emotions… I got eliminated, then brought back, then won the crown… I am so honored to live on the Drag Wars legacy!! Ricardo Ayala, I am sooo happy to call you my sister, love you so much and thank you for being a great friend! Mathew DeFiore, you are solid.. And I love you dearly, def friends for life!! Kevin Melcher, you beat me fair and square in the LipSync, you are very talented and I know I'll see great things from you!! To all my other Philly Drag Wars contestants… You all are amazing and this cycle had AMAZING queens, you all are winners!! Now, my amazing mentor Drew Bev Gaver, thank you soooooooooooooooo much for being the BEST mentor anyone could have asked for… You helped me every week and I love you more than words can say!! Big thanks to Braden Chapman for putting this together… I appreciate you and admire everything you have done in Philly for us queens.. To everyone who has sent texts, messages, wrote on my wall, calls… THANK YOU for your support… It truly means the world to me! I said it once and I'll say it again… The amount of love that I have received is unreal… I will take this crown and fulfill a year of love, light, and DRAG!! LOVE




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