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A while back we chatted with an up and coming, handsome young gentleman that was dominating the restaurant scene by assistant managing Franky Bradley's, the newest addition to the gayborhood's entertainment scene. Since then, David Morreale began quickly making a name for himself by creating and hosting some pretty wickedly sweet events right here ‘hood. With Nicole Patriarca and Dave Moreale, better known as Mama and Daddy Fox's, latest creation “Bradley's Bucks,” it seems the bar is being raised once again on new and unique entertainment. I had a chance to sit with Dave again and get some insight on what's been going down.

I start with the standard question –

C – In a tweet or less, what makes you different than other venue directors?

D- I'm a fresh set of eyes that is looking to produce new things and build family and friends!

C – So, What does a producer do?

D – Talks about it. Produces it. Runs it. Promotes it. Everything but star in it.

C – So who wrote or choreographed it?

D – Head Bucks Tommy Schimmel and Teddy Fatscher, they blow this show out of hte park! 

C – So tell me, who are Bradley's Bucks? Is this another strip show?

D – Sex isn't the center of the Bucks, it's not an all male revue based on their abs, it's about the talent they bring with their background in art and dance and theater But that doesn't mean these men aren't lookers. You'll just be really into their looks AND their talent. If you've liked what you've seen or heard about the Franky's foxes, you'll love the Bucks and it gets better… they're gonna co-mingle! You'll see a fox pop up in a buck show, and visa versa!

C – Besides the performers, who else are we gonna see?

D- The host of the Bucks is Christa D'agger, and you'll be listening sounds spun by DJ Chris Urban

C- Is there a theme to the first bucks show?

D – A show (intentionally) held together with duct tape and bungee, you'll see a great artistic progression of the show

C – How's the rest of Franky Bradley's doing? Anything exciting?

D – I'm having a blast, helping run the show, working here is like being adopted into the coolest family ever. Plus Mayor Nutter likes, no LOVES our wings!

I had my fun chatting with Dave, and good news … if you're looking for an attractive, talented and single bloke Dave is single. To get more insight into Dave, I reached out to Mama Fox herself Ms. Nicole Patriarca.  I asked her, "What is Dave really like?"

N – Dave and I have known each other for a while now and it's always a pleasure working with him. We're practically married. He gave me a chance with Franky's Foxes earlier this year and they've since become the sorority of Franky Bradley's! With Dave bringing in the Bucks, he basically founded the fraternity house. The Foxes and I are looking forward to collaborating with the Bucks. We're really excited. Like really really excited.

C – Have you had an "Oh Shit!" (good or bad) moment? 

N- I don't believe I've had a huge OH SHIT moment. I think the most recent Fox show (which was coven themed) may have been our most theatrical and messiest show. I definitely woke up the next morning thinking, "We never removed that f*cking pentagram on the stage." I don't think I can express how much then Foxes and I are looking forward to working with the boys. 

You can check out the Bucks line up here:


Franky Bradley's proudly presents…'Bradley's Bucks'
Thursday, October 15
Franky Bradley's 1320 Chancellor St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107





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