Queens Quest to Quench

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Most of us may never acutally know what the queens were qurelling about last week, but something good may just come out of it.  Mimi Imfurst must have seen one of her favorite bitches (Brooklyn Ford) Facebook Status' and it spurred an idea. Mimi then announced from across the world (Australia) that a one night only show had come together. Dolloween comes to Voyer Thursday and with it comes a (monster) mash up of Drag troupes playing nice to bring one kick ass show. Haus of Ham, Franky's Foxes AND the sisters of Sinful Sundays will all be making an apperence at the show! 

I got to chat with a few of the producers of the Gayborhood's hottest entertainment about the upcoming show:

Franky Foxes' Dave Morreale is pumped, "I think it’s always great to see the community support one another. Philly should be proud to have so many talented performers. To be able to showcase a Franky Bradley’s group at a fellow venue is an honor. It will certainly be an evening to remember! At the end of the day, it’s all about the art and I’m proud to see Franky’s Foxes contributing to that." 

Haus of Ham's Eric Jaffe is just as excited, "We're thrilled to be a part of Dolloween! The Haus of Ham LIVES for this holiday, and any chance to get together with this group of ghouls makes us oink with excitement. We are very proud to be a part of such a diverse and thriving performance community. Let's just hope all the queens make it out alive MWAHAHA."

Michael DePiano, from iCandy said, "- I'm excited for the show! As someone who's had pretty much every one of these girls on my stage, I know they are all super talented and unique in their own ways. Drag Arena's goal has always been to promote that idea, and offer everyone a chance to get up in the spotlight. With its rotating themes and the network me and the girls have built, it's really cool to pull in all different talent and see what they've got. That's what I'm expecting to see on Thursday! As for coming together, I mean, it's hard enough for me to keep Aloe and Roxi from going at each others throats from time to time. But for the sake of the show and and the audience, most of the Philly girls hold a decent level of professionalism and I'm sure it will go off without a hitch. But there's always a wild card in the bunch, luckily the show is already themed appropriately for the bloodshed if need be!"

And I couldn't wrap this post up without a quote from Mimi herself, finally back after 5 weeks away… "Philly, like a lot of places across the world, has been experiencing a massive insurgence of drag queens. They’re everywhere! (Thanks Ru!) Dolloween is an opportunity for us all to get together and celebrate the talented performers this city has to offer. The queens have all promised to leave their drama at the door and turn it out on the stage. I want to create more opportunities to bring people together. This event is just going to be a load of fun!!!"

Show Starts @10… You can find out all about the upcoming show here.


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